11 Fun Facts About France

France Fun Facts: As the top tourist destination in the world, France is a country with a multitude of different landscapes that add contrast and beauty to the country. The country is the producer of some of the world’s finest wines and cheese. France is also a great destination, where you can enjoy some luxury shopping, skiing and exploration. In addition to these, below are 11 little known facts that you may find interesting about France.

1. France has the largest land mass in any Western European country.

2. The country is host to the world’s most famous bicycle race Tour de France, which is an annual bicycle race that includes 23 days of cycling.

3. France is home to one of the largest art museums in the world, Louvre.

4. France is the birth place of Baroque and Gothic style of architecture.

5. The country is surrounded by three major bodies of water; these are the English Channel, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Jeans and denim originated from the city of Nimes, which is a French city.

7. Eurotunnel is an underwater tunnel that connects France to England.

8. Twenty percent of France is located outside the boundaries of Europe and this portion of the country is considered overseas and is known as “Dom-Tom.”

9. France is home to the only European Disneyland, which is located near Paris.

10. The American National monument the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French, and it represents the friendship of France and America.

11. France was once a British colony for over three centuries.

I hope you found these facts interesting!

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