5 Free Attractions in New York

Not exactly your budget travel destination, New York City can be an expensive place to explore. But if you are a budget traveler; there is no reason not to visit this amazing city as there are plenty of bargains to be had in the city. Savvy travelers save some money by checking out these 5 free attractions that are guaranteed to impress.

5. Washington Square Park

A landmark in the neighborhood of Greenwich Village, Manhattan, Washington Square Park is one of New York’s best parks. Known for its 18th century arch, the park is a popular spots for residents, tourists, politics and culture. Washington Square Park features many flower beds and trees, play areas for the kids, chess and scrabble areas, statues, monuments and its famous fountain, which is all FREE for you to enjoy.

4. Central Park

A National Historic Landmark, Central Park is the most famous city park in the world. Designed by Calvert Vaux and Frederick Law Olmsted the park has many attractions including Belvedere Castle, the 18th century Blockhouse, the Children’s Zoo, numerous statues, two ice-skating rinks, a wildlife sanctuary and the Wildlife Center. All FREE for you to explore.

3. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A symbol of religious freedom and an international beacon of hope, the Gothic Revival St. Patrick’s Cathedral is another FREE NY attraction that should not be missed. Sitting directly across from Rockefeller Center, this 18th century master piece sits among the hustle of the busy city and will be well worth your time, especially if you love architecture. The sprawling cathedral is over 120 feet long and boasts towering walls, fine art works, stained-glass windows and a grand interior. Admission is FREE.

2. Brooklyn Bridge History Walk

As one of the U.S oldest suspension bridges, the Brooklyn Bridge is another historic monument that is FREE to enjoy by taking a History Walk. Featuring Neo-Gothic towers built from limestone and granite, Brooklyn Bridge is a New York City icon. And the best way of exploring it is by walking across on a Brooklyn Bridge History Walk tour.

1. Governors Island

Boasting several pre-Civil War landmarks and Victorian Revival homes, Governors Island is a FREE, fun place to enjoy on your trip in NYC. This seasonal attraction is a venue of art, culture, performance and is the oldest European settlement in New York. Governors Island’s attractions include the 18th century Castle William, the 17th century Fort Jay and gorgeous views. The island is also a great way to spend a day in one of the greatest cities in the world.

While New York can be an expensive place to explore, you don’t need to spend a lot to have a great time in the city. As these free attractions will let you have fun without breaking the bank.

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