7 Fun Facts About Belize

Belize formerly known as British Honduras sits on the outskirts of the Caribbean Coast in Central America. Stuffed between Mexico in the North and Guatemala to the West and South, Belize is about 176 miles long and 63 miles wide which is about 8870 square miles of land. Below are 7 fun and interesting facts about the country of Belize.

1. The people of Belize have been very creative with the unique naming of their local species these include names like the Owl eye butterfly, the False Vampire Bat, and the Red Footed Booby Bird.

2. The people of Belize have folklore about a 3 foot dwarf with no thumbs by the name of El duende. El Duende who hangs out in the forest and eats children who try to destroy the wildlife.

3. Belize was a British Colony until 1981 when it gained its independence. They are now a part of the common wealth.

4. Belize’s first capital was Belize City but a hurricane destroyed the City in 1961. The capital of Belize is now Belmopan.

5. Belize’s has 185miles of barrier reef which is the largest in the Western hemisphere. There are 3 coral atolls which makes it an ideal location for diving and Snorkeling.

6. Did you know that the national dish of Belize is Stewed Chicken with Rice and Beans and Potato Salad also called 1, 2, 3.

7. Belize has one of the richest Mayan cultural history locations with more than 900 historic locations.

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  1. Also the Island Ambergris is a Caye which means it was created by sea-grass depositing coral particles into a pile over a very long time until there was a big enough pile of coral that an island was created. This is why Sapphire Beach is so beautiful. I will be moving there soon. 😛

  2. nonya

    Belize is a great country but sometimes people hardly know about it. People should learn more about Belize Culture I have been there and it was fantastic. It isnt a snowy day once at Belize. Belize is Either Hot Or Rainy all year around. The weather there is good their can be one tropical storm and some hurricanes but nothing can break Belize. So, People should take more intrest in something alot of people dont talk about some times.

  3. Very nice article on Belize!

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