A Zammarà – Taormina, Sicily

A Zammarà

Taste the flavors of Sicily when you visit the A Zammàra restaurant. Located among the wonderful array of Italian ruins A Zammàra offers a delicious selection of Sicilian cuisines. When you enter this magnificent restaurant you will enjoy the tasty Sicilian dishes in the garden of orange trees, or if you prefer you can dine in the quaint arched dining room with the beautiful colored tables and chairs. You will also have picturesque views of the sea while enjoying a glass of wine.

During the summer time, A Zammàra is at its best as this is when you will find a wide range of mouth-watering dishes, which includes freshly made pasta and pizzas. When dining at the restaurant, be sure to try the stuffed swordfish that is served in a rustic style, the beef rolls or the Pasta alla Norma all of which are which are served as the main course. Another delicious dish to try out is the Maccheroni alla Norma, which is a three course meal consisting of a variety of pasta, which is sure to satisfy every taste bud.

Via F.lli Bandiera 15,
Taormina – 98039, Sicily
Closed Wed in winter
Tel: 0942 24 408

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  1. […] at the restaurant, peppery mussels, bruschetta and some really great pizzas. When you visit this Taormina restaurant, if you are not sure what to try just ask your waitress. You will love the suggestions, as they are […]

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