Accommodation in Barcelona

Accommodation in BarcelonaAs Spain’s most traveled city, Barcelona is one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean. Nestled between the sea and the mountains this Spanish city is packed with a wide variety of attractions, picturesque sceneries, imposing architectures, restaurants, bars and great accommodation to suit the needs of any traveler.

The accommodations in Barcelona are available to meet any budget, so whether you want to spend the bare minimum or want to stay in luxury, there is a Barcelona hotel for you. Some of the best hotels in Barcelona include the Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel, Hotel Montecarlo Barcelona, Le Meridien Barcelona Hotel, ABaC Barcelona, Casa Camper Hotel Barcelona and Hotel 1898. Although the hotels might be a bit pricey, the level of comfort, service and make them worth the money. Most of the hotels in Barcelona offer guests beautiful bathrooms, comfy spacious guest rooms with luxury bedding and fluffy pillows for you to enjoy a great night’s sleep.

When you stay at one of these hotels in the city you are guaranteed to be in a good area and located near one of the city’s many attractions. This includes attractions like the Sagrada Familia, Poble Espanyol de Montjuic, Barcelona FC Museum and the Barcelona Aquarium, which is a great place to visit with the kids. Barcelona is also a leader when it comes to its beautiful art, architecture and style. When you travel around the city you will find many modern marvels from the late 19th century ranging from the works of Picasso to the likes of Susana Solano.

Since Barcelona is known for its lively nightlife, you will have lots of options when it comes time for you to have some fun in the evenings. As the city is filled with many cocktail lounges, dance clubs, bars, theaters and restaurants for you to enjoy. So whether you want to have a low keyed nightlife or a very vibrant one you will find something to suit your needs a short distance away from your Barcelona hotel.

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