AdWords vs. SEO – Which is Right For You?

adwords-ppcSo, the discussion continues about which one is right for you as it relates to AdWords vs. SEO. Well, first let us establish the meaning of both. AdWords is the ultimate advertising scheme created by one of the world’s largest internet companies, Google. This method of advertising use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, site-targeted advertising with text, rich-media and banner ads and cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising. With this type of marketing each advertiser will choose the words as well as the maximum amount that they will pay per click for each ad.

While SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique used by advertisers to help improve the visibility of a website in search engines with un-paid, “natural” or organic results.

So which is right for you? AdWords or SEO? Debates have been going on since both of these online marketing methods have been established. However, due to the competitiveness of both methods internet marketers have had a rough time choosing the right one to use. Since both have their unique way of producing results.

internet search engine optimizationWhen considering these options, you must first think of the cost related to any of these services. The major benefit of using an Adword campaign is you will start seeing within hours of implementing this method as compared to internet search engine optimization results, which normally take several months before you see any results. The reason for this is Adwords or PPC allows your ads to be displayed when internet users search for certain keywords in a search, which will give you much control over what you wish to display and when.

SEO, on the other hand, will work out to be cheaper than running an Adword campaign in the long run. As most users believe that the organic results that are returned by search engines are more relevant and trustworthy, which may produce better rates in terms of click through rates and conversion? However, a lot of time and effort are required to achieve the desired results. Plus new websites will be at a disadvantage with this method comparing to older websites.

As such choosing which option to use requires a case by case analysis of each website. As not all businesses are suitable for Adwords while SEO may not be suitable based on what you want to achieve. It should also be noted that most successful websites use a mixture of Adwords and SEO to increase the traffic and ROI. So all in all when it comes time to determine whether Adwords or SEO it will be based on what you want to achieve as well as an in-depth analysis of your business or website.

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