Affordable Caribbean Spring Break

Spring-BreakSpring Break is a norm for college students to take a break from their studies and divulge in an ideal spring breakers vacation dream. In the Caribbean, there are several affordable college Spring Break trips to choose from. You can go on vacations for the rest of your life, but spring breaks only happens during those prized college years. So make sure you make your trips create a lifetime of memories. Listed below are the top destinations to visit in the Caribbean for your perfect low-cost and cheap spring break.

Spring Break in Cancun

In Cancun, Mexico spring breakers are attracted to the lovely white sandy beaches under the tropical sun while listening to the pulsating beats of Latin music. This area draws thousands of college and some senior high school students, mainly from the U.S. each year. With their reasonable priced flights and hotel rooms, toppled with cheap alcoholic drinks and a wide range of youth-oriented activities. From wild parties in the vibrant nightclubs and theme bar parties to parasailing, snorkeling, and other sun and surf excursions, there is so much to do in Cancun on a budget. Meaning land of golden snakes, Cancun means this sun kissed paradise is Mexico’s most popular destination with magnificent blue waters and fantastic white-sand beaches that make it ideal for fun loving spring breakers. However, if you are not in for spring break, there are a variety of wholesome family activities to be found. student travel spring break

Spring Break in The Bahamas

Although Nassau, Bahamas is the leading destination for spring breakers, most of the spring breakers prefer to visit the Disneyesque aspects of the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island, though this can be a very expensive stay. But there are budget hotels available to suit every pocket. One of the most affordable beachfront resorts is in the Cable Beach area that provides suitable cheap accommodations with plenty of fun filled activity to partake in. There are also many miles of remarkable beaches and coral reefs to explore. And during the nights traditional music and dances are kept along the waterfront, plus you can even camp out there.

Spring Break in Jamaica

Submerge yourself in the Jamaican spirit of rum, reggae and wonderful beaches while in Jamaica and have a great Spring Break in the hot spots for spring breakers like Negril and Montego Bay. These locations feature a wide variety of budget an all-inclusive lodgings, along with their popular and fun beachfront nightlife. Negril, the hottest spring break destination in the Caribbean, features seven miles of white sandy beach nestled in a laid back atmosphere. Here you will be able to unwind in this tropical paradise and party until the sun comes up in the thatched roof beach bars on the beach.

Jamaica is the party capital of the Caribbean and is also one of the best places to party and have fun in the world. The country is a melting pot of many cultures, so when you visit you’ll experience a strong mixture of crafts tradition, performing arts and distinctive dining options. Make sure you try their ackee and salt fish with roast breadfruit during your trip. While in Montego Bay visit the renowned hip strip and take your spring break vacation to new heights at the popular Margaritaville. This paradise is open for most of the day and offers you the opportunities to swim up bar, or you can slide into the waters of the Caribbean Sea just off the near by cliffs.

Spring Break in San Juan

spring-break-cancunSan Juan famous for both its rich history and pulsating nightlife is another fabulous Spring Break destination. This magnificent city has more nightclubs than any other Caribbean destination, from salsa clubs to stylish rooftop lounges you can find it in San Juan. Once in San Juan you are just minutes away from all the major resort areas, which make this city a very viable option for many spring breakers. With its sheer volume of beachfront affordable facilities, San Juan has become one of the favorite Caribbean destinations for spring breakers. From beaches with black compelling sands to beaches with rusted military tanks, there are resort-front properties that are a haven for surfers and in the night you will find bonfire parties available to dance all night to during your trip.

Spring Break in Dominican Republic

While in the Dominican Republic spring breakers are offered the perfect combination of cheap flights and hotels and plenty of all-inclusive resorts where you can sleep, eat, drink, and play for one price. There are also a variety of beach resort areas to choose from, which include the Cabarete area where you can enjoy the many water sports activities available. Or in Boca Chica where you can indulge in the local culture of this fabulous island. Other hotspots in Dominica Republic are Punta Cana and Playa Dorada, which are quite lovely but can be a bit expensive if you are travelling on a budget.

cheap spring breakIn Punta Cana almost all accommodations are all-inclusive, that makes it simple to spend your spring break vacation with unlimited meals and drinks. Playa Dorada is famous for its 22 miles of stunning white sandy beaches, where you can enjoy endless water activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. For adventure seekers, you may take excursions in quad biking, exotic jungle safaris or helicopter tours.

So on your next Spring Break, quench your thirst under a palm tree in the Caribbean and discover and experience the natural wonders of these islands on your next spring break. Plan your spring break vacation for any of the above Caribbean destinations during the months of February, March or April for fun filled activities, affordable accommodations, with plenty of drinks to devour under the tropical sun.

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