Ambergris Caye Belize

ambergris-cayeAmbergris Caye is a bustling little town in Belize comprising mostly of Latinos and North American expats. Ambergris Caye is Belize’s largest Caye, and it is settled in the northern-most section of the country. The Caye is the prime destination for scuba divers and snorkelers that visit Belize, since it is located about three-quarters of a mile west of the beautiful and 190 miles long Belize Barrier Reef. This means that once you visit Ambergris Caye you can expect to find a wide variety of water-oriented activities, including fishing, sailing, swimming, windsurfing, and jet-skiing as well as prominent diving and snorkeling sites, such as Shark Ray Alley, the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and other coral gardens, which provide an equally euphoric experience.

Ambergris Caye still maintains its elegance and beauty. However, a few of its once unique and romantic sandy streets have been replaced with streets of concrete and cobblestones. In addition, wildlife watching is fast becoming a craze on this Belize Caye as well as nature hiking, cycling and tours of the Mayan ruin sites. On the far north section of the island, there is a magnificent place known as Mexico Rocks where the Barrier Reef reaches out to the land and almost touches it. There is also the San Pedro Lagoon which is joined to the Caribbean Sea in the west by a small saltwater river. The temperature of Ambergris Caye is kept cool most of the year by the cooling trade winds that it receives.

ambergris-cayeThis Belize Caye also offers a wide range of accommodations and dining options for all budget levels. In the town of San Pedro and along the beautiful stretches of beaches in the northern and southern area of Ambergris Caye, you will find an eclectic blend of funky bars, shops and restaurants where you can enjoy a mouth-watering dinner buffet, live music and drinks. There are also many boutique hotels and condominiums for you to enjoy a comfortable night’s rest. Although San Pedro is the busiest of all Belize’s destinations, the beautiful town still retains its laid-back ambiance and stays far from the noise of a city. Once you visit the island make sure you take the chance to enjoy at least one of its sunsets when the blue skies yield to a lavender backdrop which is one of the most spectacular things you will ever see in your life time.

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