Antico Borgo di Francesco Cannetti

pasta Situated near the Port of Catania, Antico Borgo di Francesco Cannetti is a small, cosy and typical restaurant in Taormina, Sicily. Opened in the evenings only, this restaurant is filled with delicious Sicilian flavours that you will surely enjoy.

Antico Borgo di Francesco Cannetti has a charming ambience and its interior is cosy with a relaxing Sicilian flair. The service is prompt, courteous and helpful.

The cuisine consists of a mouthwatering combination of Sicilian meats, home made sweets and freshly made pasta, which can be paired with any wine you want. The meals are reasonable priced and the serving portions are large, so be sure not to over indulge in the deliciousness of the freshly made dishes and sweet cakes.

There is nothing off-putting about this Sicilian restaurant, and it is a place you would enjoy dining on an off night. When you want the perfect night out with good food in in Taormina, then this is one of the places for you.

Via C. Penna N. 4
98039 Taormina, Sicily
Tele: +39 338 24 86 293

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