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archway-londonArchway is a busy area in northern London, located in the Islington Borough area. It is home to the first cable car route to be built in England, which operated from Highgate Village to Archway via the Highgate Hill route. Archway sits between popular places like Holloway and Highgate.

The town is connected by several tubes, railways and buses and has a concentrated network of shops, restaurants and other noteworthy sites. The Archway tube station is a major form of transportation in and out of the area; it is an underground station on the Northern line. Other means of transport include Tufnell Park; the Overground station is Upper Holloway, Kings Cross St Pancras tubes and the King’s Cross National Rail.

The local authority responsible for Archway’s services is the Islington Council which oversees housing, transport, social services, education and planning operations in the area. Council tax rates are set by the council each year range from £794 to £2,381. Your tax liability is determined by the tax band of your home which is made by Valuation Officers. These rate bands are then used to decide the total tax levied.

The dominant architectural features in Archway are mainly of Victorian origins. The Whittington Hospital at Highgate Hill, named after the legendary Richard Whittington is a major site of interest dating back to the 1800s. The Archway Tavern is another popular spot noted for its music events. The Archway Tower is the main landmark in the area featuring a modern architectural. Archway has its fair share of lavish properties and has some of finest town houses in the northern section of the city, with several 3 and 4 storey town homes located on many of the streets such as in St John’s Grove. Council housing estates can also be seen in the area.

The main shopping areas in Archway can be found along the tube, Holloway Road and around the Archway underground station. Archway is also known for its fabulous Italian restaurants. A popular restaurant is Fabrizio which is known for its fabulous deserts, accommodating staff and superb pizza. The restaurant sits on Highgate Hill and specialises in local Italian cuisines. The Archway Market on Holloway Road is a colourful blend of a wide variety of local produce in a traditional setting.

The Monsoon Indian Restaurant and the 500 Restaurant are nice examples of charming, economic dining areas. Other areas worth visiting include A&I Food and Wine and Marie Curie Cancer Care. Archway is comparatively affordable, and is popular for its multi-ethnicity, which means that there is a wide array of Asian, Greek, Turkish restaurants and stores. A number of bars, internet cafes and pubs can be accessed from the Archway as well.

Entertainment is offered on Islington’s Upper Street. The St John’s Gastropub has a great entertainment package and gastronomic delights available. For a quieter and more informative environment, museums like the Islington Museum, London Canal Museum and the Jewish Museum are ideal points of interest. Theatre and Cinema are an important part of Archway’s culture with places such as the Workhouse Theatre, Graeae Theatre Company and Total Theatre Network. There is also the lively Odeon Cinema, Cineworld and National Amusement along with many other cinemas which provide great night shows. Popular entertainment centres such as Dave’s Barb Dance, Mister Squash, the bingo halls and bowling centres should not be missed.

There are over 127 parks and gardens and adventure playgrounds in the Islington area which are quite accessible from Archway. Archway has produced several notable residents over the years including Andrew Marvell, poet and Member of Parliament, Reggie Yates, radio and TV personality and the sculptor Rachael Witheread among others. Archway’s population is a rich blend of Caucasians, West Indians and people from other ethnic groups. Archway is a wonderful base from which Islington can be explored.

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