Area Guide to Regents Park

Regents Park is one of Britain’s most famous parks, listed as one of the Royal Parks of London. This is the hereditary possessions of the crown and the park covers some of the London Borough of Westminster but most of it sits in the Camden Borough. Regents Park has exceptional sports and leisure facilities, gastronomic delights, educational centres, heritage and wildlife spots among other attractions.

The park divided into two rings, with an outer inner road and an inner one. The park’s architecture represents a planned master design of the landscape. St John’s Lodge and the Holme represent the most historic buildings within the park. Here there are commercial properties, natural sites, and high class residential areas along the ring. White stucco terraces and houses by the famous architect, John Nash are the main residential properties there. The Regents canal runs through the park. The park is also home to nine remarkable villas, impressive facades and places like the London Central Mosque.

Regents Park is home to several exciting events, bars and cafes, clubs and other entertainment spots. The Camden Green Fair is a major event in the park held to encourage the preservation of the green environment in the area. You can enjoy thrilling shows at the Open Air theatre in Queen Mary’s Garden, which is a popular event venue. Other popular spots in the park include the Hub, Boathouse Cafe along the canal, Garden Cafe, Honest Sausage and Cow and Coffee Bean. You will enjoy the delicacies at these eateries. The Tennis Centre in the park has lovely games lined up with great meals at the end of the match. Sports facilities include boating and other water sports, the exercise area and those at Primrose Hill and Bandstand. You can take advantage of the guided walks and summer Sunday jazz concerts.


There are several breathtaking gardens in Regent’s Park to enjoy. These include Queen Mary’s Garden, the Wildlife Garden which is perfect for nature enthusiasts and St John Lodge Gardens, the English Gardens and Avenue Gardens. Lakes, wildflower gardens, secluded woodlands and meadows can also be seen in Regents Park. A most sought after attraction in the park is the ZSL London Zoo. This world renowned conservation centre has over 650 species of fauna from all over the world and is the world’s first scientific zoo. The park’s main shopping areas can be found at Primrose Hill and Regent’s Park Road and includes food stores, cafes, fashion stores and other variety stops.

Regent’s Park has an excellent connection of transportation links, with several trains, tubes and buses serving the area. There is also a host of cabs, buses and for those wishing to travel in style, limousines. Train stations serving the area include places like Camden Road, London Marylebone, London Euston and St Pancras. There are several tubes on Baker Street, Euston Square and in the park itself.

Both the Camden and Westminster Councils are the local authorities responsible for delivering services to Regents Park. Westminster areas have very affordable council taxes from £439 to about £1,318. However, the Camden council taxes for the park are approximately two times that of Westminster’s. Your tax rates are set annually and are based on your property value and your postal code. You may also be eligible for a reduction in council tax; these reductions are applicable if you are disabled, is the only person who lives on the property, or if you qualify for the second adult rebate.

For the most part, Regents Park supports persons engaged in the manufacturing industry, technicians and trade workers. The more affluent sections are home to wealthy folks and young professionals. Regent’s Park represents an oasis of naturalist, culture and creativity amidst a busy cosmopolitan environment.
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