Argentina Country Guide

argentinaOn the deep end of the South American continent there is a beautiful land of snow-capped mountains of the Andes area called Argentina. Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world, which boasts magnificent mountains, large desert areas and fabulous waterfalls and also features a diverse land of secluded and natural wonders. When visiting Argentina you can explore from the plains of Patagonians to the Tierra del Fuego, where you will see miles of vibrant green rain-forest, lovely lakes that provides you with many fabulous attractions to partake in.

However, the heart of the country is Buenos Aires which is it capital city. This city is full of life and boasts many wonderful attractions and is famous for their famous dance of tango. The people of Argentina are affectionately called are a warm, loving and friendly people, but even though they have been through some harsh periods in history, they still have a zest for life which you cannot resist. When you are visiting this country you find it easy to get in the mood of things, as you will have lasting memories for years and years to come of breathtaking landscapes, and fine tasting wines.

Argentine culture boasts some exceptional European architecture and is often known as the most European country in the South Americas. However, the gauchos are a traditional style of this country and are still seen today in most of their indigenous customs. Whether you want to explore the lush tropical rain forest of Missiones, or go horse riding in the baked red mountains of Salta, or trekking the turquoise lakes and green forests of the Lake District Argentina provides magnificent, unlimited adventures.

Argentina’s Attractions and Events

The capital city is Buenos Aires which is to some extent unfairly described as a mucky Paris; however Buenos Aires is an elegant, modern city that is lively and filled with energy. The gaucho heritage is celebrated in the city and modern Argentina is more multinational in its attitude than many other South American countries. You can soak up the ambiance of the San Telmo district of Buenos Aires, with its countless cafes, antique shops, tango clubs and a flea market at Plaza Dorrego. Or saunter through the capital’s stylish Recoleta district, which is famous for its Cementerio de la Recoleta and museum.

Take a tour of one of Argentina’s oldest cities, like Corrientes and visit places like the Santísima Cruz de los Milagros church and the San Francisco convent. The city of Corrientes is the place of the chamamé, a type of rhythmic music derived from the polka.

Other top attractions to see and explore in Argentina are the Los Glaciares National Park that is bordered along Chile, which features magnificent mountains and pristine clear lakes, however some of this park area is covered with ice fields and many glaciers, such as the superb and large Moreno and Upsala Glaciers. Trails and platforms are provided for you to see these natural works of art up close. The Nacional del Sur National Park provides you with many fabulous sights of natural beauty and ambience, to include old dated volcano, gorgeous meadows and captivating flora and fauna. The glacial lake of Nahuel Hauapi is otherwise called Tiger Island; consist of a nature area called Isla Victoria, where you can take privately organized tours to view this wonderful place in all its glory.

From the glorious Iguazu Falls on Argentina’s northern border, to the vivacious capital of Buenos Aires and down through the spectacular mountains and glaciers on the Chilean and Argentinean border, these two countries offer countless exciting events and celebrations, such as fiestas, festivals and events, both religious and worldly, are celebrated within Argentina annually. These include the Expotrastiendas Art Fair in Buenos Aires, the Folklore Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, the Children’s Fair in Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires Jazz in Buenos Aires, the National Mate Festival in Club Talleres, the Arteclasica Art Fair, the National Folklore Festival of Cosquin in Cosquin, the Gaucho Festival in San Antonia de Areco, and the Peugeot Argentina Tennis Cup in Buenos Aires, among several others.

Argentina Climate, Weather, Seasonal Information

Argentina enjoys a general temperate climate which ranges from tropical to sub polar. The north of the country experiences very hot summers while in the winter months the area is normally dry. In the heart of Argentina there are long humid summers with thunderstorms, while in the south areas have warm summers and very cold winter with heavy snowfall, however the farther south you go you will experience longer daylights especially during the months of November to February, and long nights between May and August.

Argentina Hotels

Argentina has a number of grand hotels, winter cottages and holiday homes, beautiful camping sites, hostels and guest houses. Among the most stylish are the Llao Llao Hotel and Resort Golf Spa which is located in the northwest of the Argentine Patagonia and within minutes of Nahuel Huapi National Park. It is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, crystal blue lakes, rivers and colorful forests of larch. The luxurious Hotel Edelweiss offers comfort and style and is located on a beautiful green space; the Las Hayas Resort Hotel is a sort of small and luxurious mountain castle among a forest of beeches with the warmth of an English country-style house décor, the hotel is a symbol of the spirit of those who love nature; the marvelous Sheraton Cordoba Hotel is a five-star business hotel ideally located close to the heart of downtown Buenos Aires; the Amerian Catamarca Park Hotel consists of glassed front and travertine marble décor. Other accommodations which will suit your needs Howard Johnson chain of Hotels, the Melia Buenos Aires Hotel, the Alvear Palace Hotel, and the Park Elegance Kempinski Hotel.

Argentina Flights

The national airline of Argentina is Aerolíneas Argentinas. Aerolíneas Argentinas and LAN Argentina provide connections between Buenos Aires’ international airport Ezeiza and several other cities throughout South America, North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Qantas provides straight flights from Sydney Australia to Buenos Aires. The flights from London to Buenos Aires take 15 hours 50 minutes via Madrid and from New York take 10 hours 30 minutes. The main airport is Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini International Airport. There is also a coach connection to Jorge Newbery airport. The departure tax is US$18 which is subjected to change at any time; however the passengers in transit and children under two years of age are exempt.

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