Bad Reviews: Five (5) of Atlanta’s Funniest Hotel Bad Reviews

One of the things that most people look forward to at the start of every year is a nice and fun vacation. But what happens when your highly anticipated holiday turns out to be a total disaster, not because of your lack of planning but because of the hotel you chose. Well below are five bad yet funny reviews of Atlanta’s Hotels from pissed off guests who got something different from what they wanted at their hotels.

Ellis Hotel

My husband and I stayed one night for valentine’s day weekend. The front desk staff acted as if we where bothering them. We shopped around and everytime we came up to the hotel the valet would be nowhere to be seen, even when we left the front desk could not find them. The hall ways are extremly narrow and the rooms are way!! too close together, also you could here everything going on in the hall way and the conversations in the room next to you. The business center had broken pens and hardly any paper.The area is also very creepy alot of homeless people and others hanging out at the wee hours of the night.Stayed in many hotels and this one is in my bottom 3.I am usually not the type of person to write a review but honestly spend the extra 10-20 bucks and stay at a decent place.

Castleberry Inn

Do not book a trip here. it is cheap but not worth any amount of money. When I arrived there was no one there to help me and when they did come, they did not even offer to help with bags. When i got to the room there was water leaking from the ceiling so I asked for a new room. The room was very dim but at least it wasn’t leaking. However, there was no handsoap and I found two strands of hair on my sheets and pillow. I called and asked if i could get my sheets changed but they only brought the sheets and handed them to me rather than change them for me. The next night I called and asked for an extra blanket because I was very cold, they said they would bring one up but they never did. So I consequently decided to switch hotels and then i realized I left medicine in the hotel room so I called to see if they could check from me. I have been calling all day and every time they are too busy to check for my medicine. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. The service is terrible, the room is awful, and the area is not good.

La Quinta Inn Atlanta / Lenox-Buckhead

When we stayed there, the hotel just converted to a La Quinta – located in a crappy part of town and not “the Buckhead” we expected. Nonetheless, we were tired from driving and searching for the hotel, so we took a chance after viewing the available room before committing with our credit card. The room looked clean and somewhat upgraded with marble sink and decor. It looked fine to stay the night. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to a mysterious rash on my legs. I didn’t think too much of it until it started to blister like I had been bitten by something. I was scratching like crazy for the next few days. It didn’t occur to me that I had been bitten by bed bugs until I noticed I actually had tiny punctures when the swelling went down! It was horrible. I wish I knew sooner, and made a complaint, but by then I was already traveling out of state….It took weeks before my legs cleared up.

Sheraton Atlanta Hotel

While the location is good I would rather stay 4 hours from the action than to stay here again. My husband attended an international conference in early Jan. and we stayed here with our son. Not only are the other reviews about the cleanliness absolutly true but we also had a ds and 2 games stolen. There are no safes and as the homeless wonder through the parking garage where else are you going to leave your stuff but your room! They refuse to cooperate with us and we have been fighting with them since it was stolen on the the 4th of Jan. They tell us one thing and coorprate another. There is another convention in Nov but my husband is not going because it is here. Avoid this hotel like the plague! Also, ignore anything management posts because they lie to you and and do not care about customer satisfaction. The rooms being dirty are so true we had them move us from the first room as soon as we walked in because the dust was hanging from the vents and the hairs and garbage on the floor was not sanitary no was the painted over mold. Not to mention also the paper thin walls hope that your alarm goes off before those on either side of you and also the fire alarms that went off during our stay– no fire. The 2nd room not much better I am barely 5’2″ and I hit my hands on the ceiling in the shower first time in my life I felt tall 🙂 We are really upset that are son is out a ds through no fault of his own I guess he must learn early life is not fair and never stay in the Atlanta Sheraton!!!

Hotel Midtown

This Hotel is absolutely terrible, I do not recommend staying here at all. The rooms are very old and dirty! The sheets on the bed dont look like they’ve ever been washed and everything in the room is VERY old.
You will pay entirely too much for the room and service you are recieving…even if the room was $25 a night, I would still not stay there.


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