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barbican-londonThe Barbican area can be found in Central London bordering the London Borough of Islington. The area is a large residential estate with many great facilities to accommodate persons living there. Barbican sits at the heart of the city with many creative attributes adding to this flourishing financial district.

Barbican has a high concentration of residential, commercial and financial properties. Buildings here for the mot part have been rated an excellent Grade II for its architecture. The property types consist of a number of terraced blocks surrounding a lake and three of London’s tallest residential towers going up to 42 storeys high. Beautiful penthouse flats are also present in the area.

Barbican is well served by a host of railways, tubes and buses in the London metropolitan area. The nearest rails include that on Liverpool Street, Moorgate and Farringdon while other tubes such as Barbican, Moorgate, St. Paul’s and Farringdon also serve the area.

Barbican is operated by two councils. These are the city of London council and the Islington Council. Council taxes may be as low as £574 to about £2,381 and are subjected to yearly changes.

Barbican’s central location to the city of London and Islington means there are several theatres, cinemas and nightclubs for night time entertainment. Barbican also offers quite a few educational forms of entertainment. The Barbican Centre is perhaps the most popular place in area, and is a popular arts, drama and business venue. Some of Barbican’s most exciting events are held at the centre and includes theatre, dance and music productions. There is also the Barbican public library, the famous Museum of London and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. The Barbican Cinema is very popular especially among young people.

Cafes and bars, pubs and taverns and a variety of lovely restaurants can also be found in Barbican. Popular pubs like the Bishop’s Finger, the Distillers and the Hoghshed are great to relax in while places such as the King’s Head and Sutton Arms are great for enjoying a meal in a relaxed environment. Other great places in Barbican include Club Gascon, Smiths of Smithfield, Hat and Feathers Dining Rooms and Bleeding Heart. Italian, Chinese, West Indian and other cultural cuisines can also be enjoyed in Barbican.

There are also quite a number of great shopping areas which can be accessed from Barbican. These include the mega shopping centres in both London City and Islington. The Barbican Arts Centre, which is one of Europe’s largest, has several great shops available for locals and visitors alike. Jewellery shops, clothes and convenience stores are among the wide variety of shopping facilities available. Many of the shops are concentrated close to the centre as well. The Leadenhall, Smithfield and Whitecross Street Markets are other great shopping locations.

One of Barbican’s most popular open spaces is Lakeside Terrace which features a nice cafe area. The lake itself is another lovely area adding to the natural aura of the locality. From Barbican, you can access many of London’s amazing parks which include the Postman’s Park, Islington Green, St. James and Kensington Gardens.

There are several young professionals and business oriented individuals in the area as well. Barbican offers the best of London’s creative and well thinking side.

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