Belize Archaeology Tours and Mayan Trips

mayan ruinsBelize is a beautiful country that is blessed with the fact that it is settled in the heart of a rich Mayan culture. The country boasts lots of Maya Temples and Archaeological sites, which are just waiting for you to explore. This means that when you visit Belize you will be surrounded by many outstanding heritage sites, temples, forts and thousands of Maya Ruins.

The classic and rich Maya civilization consists of a number of important archaeological sites, ancient cities, temples and sacred cave compounds. From the beautiful ceremonial site of Xunantunich, which features extraordinary stone creations to the magnificent Carcol District your desire will be satisfied. Climb to the top of Xunantunich and enjoy the remarkable views of Belize and the neighboring Guatemala landscapes. When you visit Carcol District, the beauty of the Mayan architecture, holds no abound when you tour this Mayan ruins in Belize. This Mayan city covers about 55 square meters, and offers you a peek into Belize’s civilization and culture.

In Belize, these grand temples represent a sheer bliss of creative dwellings for the Mayan people, such as the great Tikal. The Tikal temple rises noticeably out of the thick jungle below, and you will be fascinated by its structure. Most of Belize’s temples and archaeological sites are strange indeed, and are nicely positioned over Belize.

Mayan-TripsDuring your Mayan tours of Northern Belize, you may visit the most popular archaeological sites at Lamanai, Altun Ha and Cerros. The Lamanai site is like a floating crocodile and is the third largest archeological site in Belize. Situated in Orange Walk District, this temple was occupied continuously over a 3,000 year period. Due to its isolated location, this temple is well preserved and sits atop the western region of the New River Lagoon where it is surrounded by unspoiled thick rainforest.

The Altun Ha Temple was built around 250 BC, with layouts as early as 100 A.D. Being one of the most important sites of early existence, this area was a major trading hub for jade and obsidian gems. In the middle of this site, are two unique structures, name Plaza A and B, each exhibit a wealth of knowledge about the Mayans way of life. Plaza A is next to the entrance of this site, which houses 13 clusters of distinctive formations. Beneath its floors is the splendid Temple of the Green Tomb.

Believed to have been built in 550 AD, Plaza B houses the stunning Temple of Masonry Altar. This altar ascends to 60 feet above the other Plazas and is the most dominant. Mainly used for religious purposes by the Mayans, Plaza B is an altar where most of the Mayan’s sacrifices were made. A single stairway leads to the top, where you can enjoy the impressive view of the surroundings.

The site of Cerros is located at the entrance of the New River just before it flows in the Chetumal Bay. Regarded as the location of the earliest Mayan site, Cerros is nestled on a pre-historical landscape. This extraordinary complex structure is one, which was used as the access point for trading along the coastal waters of Belize.

On your archaeology tours of the Cayo District, you will learn that the Mayan culture was once present there also. You will see small temples, underground dwellings and pottery of this era, especially in the Chechem Ha and Actun Tunichil Muknall areas. You may also explore more Mayan civilization in the ruins of El Pilar, Cahal Pech in Cayo District, and the Yaxhá Temple near the border of Guatemala.

When you visit these Mayan archaeological sites and temples in Belize you will be able to explore the small museums where you will see artifacts and relics from this era. While most temples are easily accessible, there are other activities that you can enjoy on your Mayan tours. This includes activities such as exploring hiking trails, going horseback riding or canoeing down the rivers.

So when you want to see some of the most amazing Mayan sites, temples and archaeological ruins just head on over to Belize, to enjoy one of the archaeology tours.

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