Belize Entertainment

Belize-entertainmentIn the eco-friendly land of Belize, you will find plenty of parties and lots of different nightclubs to attend. Belize entertainment allows you to experience the rich and vibrant Belizean culture. Once you choose to visit Belize and have found the perfect location, you should have some good options for entertainment. Though the country is small, there are still some great opportunities for fun and entertainment. And in the areas of Belize City, San Ignacio and Corozal you will find a mixture of traditional contemporary blends that provides you with a full itinerary of marine, rainforest, cultural or relaxing activities to do.

Most hotels showcase some of the best options, and if you want to do more than just gaze at the beautiful night skies, take part in any of their sporting activities, annual celebrations, local theater, dining, shopping, or visit one of the casinos. However, you should bear in mind that hotels in Belize tend to provide less entertainment during the off season, so if entertainment is important to you, please ask your hotel for its entertainment schedule for the time period when you will be visiting. Many hotels offer “happy hour specials” which showcase live entertainment by local artists and cultural dancers.

Belize’s nightlife comes alive when the local nightclubs’ blares with pulsating music and attractive dance floors. The hotel bars with outdoor decks often feature beach parties. Shopping is another means of entertainment. Since it allows you to get a peek into the art and crafts of the locals and encourages you to choose from some of the most amazing handicrafts, which reveals the richness of Belize culture.

The restaurants in Belize offers some of the most sumptuous delicacies in the world as their food specializes in plantain dishes and split peas and pigtail over rice, which is a dish offered with rice and beans. Don’t forget to try the Belikin Beer or the popular coconut flavored rum blended with delicious pineapple juice, a treat not to be missed. Although enjoying a show in the theater serves as another delightful choice of entertainment.

While Belize is more of a tropical paradise, there are a number of entertainment spots to consider, as the watering holes or lively bars along the shore lines, is a great treat for vacationers.

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