Belize Weather

Belize weather is mostly hot and humid for most part of the year. There are a few seasonal breaks so if you are planning to visit the country on vacation it is good to know what weather patterns to expect. Belize enjoys a semitropical climate that experiences a lot of rainfall. Certain areas in Belize will get up to 150 inches of rain during the wet season. This period is from March until October. Belize will receive the most rainfall during the months of June and July. The Belize Cayes will receive less rainfall in comparison to the other areas of mainland Belize. These temperatures are almost the same as coastal Belize, and the humidity is also moderate as the Cayes are exposed to more sea breeze.

Belize’s humidity is consistent and will stay in the higher limit which is around 85 degrees. This can be a bit troubling for some tourists, especially those who are looking forward to exploring the Mayan sites, the rainforests and attractions that are located in land. The warmest months in Belize normally experience daily temperatures of around 100 Fs, and the warmest months are from December to May. The coastal regions will always be a bit cooler than the inland areas with the difference in temperature being about 6 to 10 degrees.

You will also experience much cooler climate higher up in the mountains, since it is normal for temperatures to drop with increasing altitude. The months of February through to May are the dry season, during this time the amount of wet days are much lower than the rest of the year. You can expect to get some showers during this period; however any showers that do come will be moderate and short.

Another thing to expect from Belize is hurricanes. In extreme cases Belize weather turns into hurricane weather, this is normally during the months of August and September. Although it is the hurricane season the odds of a huge tropical storm center directly taking a hit at the country are not high. This means that the best time to visit Belize is during the months of February through to May, if you want to get the best weather that the country has to offer.

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