Belize comprises of many different cultures and languages. Belize has preserved its unique atmosphere and charm, which is one of the main reasons that the country receives so many visitors. From its natural to man-made attractions, Belize’s attractions come in various forms and are located both on land and in the waters.

Belize Natural Attractions

Belize offers unlimited opportunities for the outdoor enthusiast to enjoy themselves as the country’s climate is more similar to the Caribbean than it is to Central America. If you are looking for excitement, Belize has its share of wildlife sanctuaries, national and archaeological parks and nature reserves. The country features several Mayan temples towering above beautiful green rainforests, which will help you to make some fantastic outdoor memories.

Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the 40,500 hectares of tropical forest located in the Maya Mountains as a refuge for the jaguar population. The sanctuary is also home to other animals such as toucans, which is the national bird; jaguarundis and the howler monkeys. Another great place for you to visit is the San Ignacio Botanical Gardens, where you can learn about the flora of Belize.

In the Cayo district, the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve offers some magnificent views and secluded streams, which are a part of the intriguing underwater ecosystem in the 121-hectare reserve. The Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve also features the impressive 1000 feet Hidden Valley Falls, which is surrounded by lush vegetation as the water flows over the rocks to the pool below.

Belize Sea and Marine Attractions

If you love the water and are into diving and snorkeling you will love the Belize Barrier Reef with its wide and diverse selection of marine life. The reef spans a whopping 185 mile which makes it the second largest reef in the world and the largest in the Western hemisphere. The Barrier Reef features a kaleidoscope of color and includes the subterranean coral gardens which hold playful dolphins, over 70 types of hard corals, the distinguished Blue Hole, over 400 species of fish and subdued sea turtles. You can also go swimming and fishing in to the warm waters.

Belize In-Land Attractions

Golfing, hiking, bird watching is some of the other activities that you can enjoy on land. In addition to these you can explore the Belize cave system which is the largest in Central America. The caves feature stalagmites and Mayan relics, which never ceased to amaze visitors. Furthermore, Belize has a few casinos for those who want to try their hands and luck at a game of chance.

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  1. […] Belize is surrounded by stimulating and sometimes challenging areas to explore, as most of the amazing landscape is untouched and cannot be explored. Despite this, Belize allows you to fall in love with its wonderful array of attractions as you plunge into a world of magnificence. The attractions in Belize are so many that exploring them all, will take you days to months to uncover just how unique this place really is. […]

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