Bethnal Green Area Guide

bethnal-greenLocated in Tower Hamlets, London, Bethnal Green can be found in the east end of the city with a very culturally diverse environment. The town also has a vibrant historic setting and many wonderful sights of interest. Bethnal Green has undergone a massive face lift and is now a very pleasant place. Bethnal Green is more popular as the place in which a lot of the Lou and Andy sketches from Little Britain were made.

The nearest underground London stations are Bethnal Green, Stepney Green and White Chapel. In addition, there are two local mainline railway stations known as the Bethnal Green Railway Station and the Cambridge Heath railway station. The Bethnal Green tube also serves the area as well. A number of reliable buses and cabs can be accessed to and from Bethnal Green.

The local authority in charge of the area is the Tower Hamlets Council. Council taxes range from a high of £2,172 to approximately £724 and are more affordable than places such as Islington. Your tax rates are set each year and are dependent on your property type.

Property types in Bethnal Green include Victorian Terraces and beautiful mansion blocks. There are also canal side developments taking place in Bethnal Green. A number of historical and commercial properties can also be accessed in the area. Bethnal Green also has some 18th century architecture like that at the St. Matthew Church.

There about ninety two shopping services in the area inclusive of surplus stores. The main shopping areas in Bethnal Green are concentrated along Bethnal Green Road, Roman Road and Hackney Road. The famous Colombia Road Flower Market and Kingsland Road are other great shopping locations in the area. With the high ethnic diversity, there are many great restaurants in the area from West Indian and European to Eastern origins among many others. Globe Road has many restaurants. Great places to eat include Approach Tavern, Bird Cage, Thai Garden, Viet Grill and Winkles Seafood and Oyster Bar.

Several good pubs and bars are accessible in Bethnal Green. These include places such as Dove, Dundee Arms and Earl Grey. The People Show Theatre is a great entertainment spot while the Oriental Dance and the Belly Dance have enjoyable performing arts shows. The Apollo Home Entertainment can be found on Bethnal Green Road as well. Working men’s clubs, Mile End Genesis Cinema and 93 Feet East are other nearby places where entertainment can be enjoyed.

Haggerston Park and Museum Gardens are among the best open spaces in Bethnal Green. There is also the famous boxing venue of York Hall where exciting events of the sport can be seen. The London Spikers sports club facilitates enjoyable volleyball games. Bethnal Green has a rich blend of people from many different ethnic groups.

The Bangladeshi people account for the highest percentage of people in the population, with the White British next, West Indians, Africans and Arabs falling next in line. Most people living in the area are first time buyers, city workers and local families. Bethnal Green provides a wonderful feel of the different cultural traditions constituting Britain.

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  1. An East London gem, Bethnal Green is located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and is becoming an increasingly popular place to live, primarily due to its excellent transport links with the City of London.Bethnal Green has been one of the poorest areas of London and is characterised by large houses that are in a poor state of repair which serve as homes to multiple families.

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