Caribbean Cruise Vacation


A Caribbean Cruise is a wonderful way to explore and enjoy all the islands of the Caribbean on a vacation. The main purpose of these cruises is for you to have a delightful experience, while being in the comfort of modern facilities aboard a ship on the sea. These cruises are operated on routes that will bring you back to the port that you departed from.

Most Caribbean cruises offer luxurious facilities, and the cabins are design to suit the comfort of each passenger, with a few offering private balconies. However, over the years cruise liners have adjusted their facilities to cater to your personalize needs such as adding attractions like floating condominiums to the menu.

Some of the main operators of cruise liners to the Caribbean are, Carnival Cruise, Princess Cruise, Celebrity Cruise and Royal Caribbean International Cruise. It should be noted that these are very large cruise liners. However, if you are in for a smaller and more intimate cruise you may consider traveling with Crystal or Disney Cruise Liners.

Caribbean Cruise lines travel on planned routes, and depending on the port of your departure or length of your cruise you will be able to find one that interests you. For American cruisers, the Bahamas is one of the busiest ports of call in this region as it is near to Florida. Other Caribbean Islands that are a major port for cruises are Antigua, Jamaica, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as many of them offer duty free shopping with two of the most well liked stops being Jamaica and The U.S. Virgin Islands.

Some of these Caribbean Cruise Liners have their own private islands, which are especially set aside for their passengers. On these islands, you will be able to enjoy activities like parasailing, snorkeling and kayaking. Once you decide to go on a Caribbean Cruise you will be feted with facilities such as, spas with hot tubs, cinemas, indoor/outdoor swimming pools and casinos, while others have ice skating rinks, bowling alleys, rock climbing walls, basketball/tennis courts and mini golf courses.

Although the Caribbean is one of the most admired destinations for cruise liners you need to check with the cruise line to see which cruise best suits your budget, agenda and well being. You should also remember that you should familiarize yourself with the ship’s safety features and emergency exit plan. When exploring the islands you should also follow your tour guide’s advice and be aware of your surroundings. Plan your next vacation aboard one of the many Caribbean cruise liners.

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