Casa Grugno Ristorante, Taormina

Casa Grugno Ristorante

mediterranean-dishesNestled in the center of the scenic Taormina, Italy is the elegant Casa Grugno Ristorante. This restaurant offers a pleasant dining experience which is more like a breath of fresh air. Follow the cobblestone pathway and enter the beautiful 16th century décor of Gothic-Catalan architecture.

When you enter Casa Grugno Ristorante, you will be greeted by a lovely hostess who will ensure that you are seated in the relaxed and welcoming ambiance. During the summer months, you can visit the outdoor terrace which will come alive with the beautiful flowers where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. At Casa Grugno Ristorante, you can enjoy many tasty Sicilian and Mediterranean dishes. A must try dish for you at the restaurant is the home-made tomato and peas puree with Parmesan crème. You should note that making a reservation before you visit is highly recommended as this Italian restaurant is often overbooked.

Via Santa Maria dei Greci
98039 Taormina
Tel: +39 0942 21208

2 thoughts on “Casa Grugno Ristorante, Taormina

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  2. […] day, to the porcini mushroom carpaccio served with a light dressing the dining experience at this restaurant will be one that is worth it. A must try when dining at the restaurant are the tuna tartar of Conzo […]

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