City review: Chicago

chicagoThere are many cities across the world which is recognized for their colorful culture, magnificent heritage and astonishing tourist’s hang out. Once we think about this, one of the first place that hits us is the city of Chicago. Chicago is the biggest city in the United States; it is also third in regards to the population of the city.

The city of Chicago is often called the “chi-town” or “the windy city”; it is situated in the north western region of Illinois. The beauty of the city is that it position between Lake Michigan and two other rivers. Chicago was found during 1830s and majority of the people who resided there, constructed their buildings on the banks of the Chicago River.

For anyone who visits Chicago there are some places that you must see and things that you must do. It doesn’t matter who you are travelling with, here are some things that you must do in Chicago.

1. Navy Pier has been a Chicago landmark since it opened in 1916. There you’ll be able to find a mixture of restaurants, shops and lot of entertainment. At Navy Pier you’ll discover the Chicago Children’s Museum and Crystal Gardens the indoor botanical park.

2. The Art Institute of Chicago is among the world’s distinguished art museums, with collections going back to the B.C. era, this place is a must see for everyone not only art lovers.

3. The Chicago Botanical Garden is life museum and features twenty-three distinctive gardens located on islands and lakes. The Garden features year round shows, festivals and special events. This place is more attractive in the spring and summer time.

5. The Field Museum is where you are able to get a close look at Underground Adventure, descend into an Egyptian tomb, watch a luminous lava flow, come face to face with the man eating lions of Tsavo, and discover the different cultures and environments of the world. This is another one of Chicago’s outstanding museums and a must see.

6. The city of Chicago is famous for its architecture. See Chicago’s renowned architecture, you can take a virtual tour or discover on your own. On this journey you can learn about the architects who molded the city’s beautiful architecture and see their conceptions. What’s more, Chicago city centre holds some of the most beautiful and magnificent buildings that you will ever see and this one thing in Chicago that is for free.

8. The Shedd Aquarium is home to the world’s biggest indoor aquarium and hold over twenty-two thousand aquatic creatures from all over the world.

9. The Sears Tower was once the biggest skyscraper in America when it was built in 1973. This building gives a view of Chicago from above 1,353 feet.

The best way to end your stay in Chicago is to visit the Funky Buddha Lounge for a few drinks while enjoying the latest new music. You may even see a few Hollywood celebrities on the dance floor. There are really a lot of things to do when in Chicago and, the city supplies the sort of break away that you really need.

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  1. Chicago is a beautiful place to live and also for travel. I had spent 8 months there for my business purpose and I enjoyed it.

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