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tokyo-city-review The Japanese city Tokyo is located in the center of Asia Pacific. Fast and intricate, Tokyo isn’t just a great tourist destination, but the most stylish spot to live as well. While there are many reasons to travel to this active city, here are a few reasons for a Tokyo trip.

There are over two hundred thousand (200,000) restaurants and bars spread out through the city and, although you must indulge in some of the fantastic sushi, there are an array of cultures and nations laid out in the city’s eateries. Just as everything else, the meals are continuous in capital of Japan and you will discover numerous amounts of restaurants that are open twenty-four hours or till the early hours of the mornings. Tokyo restaurants range from noodle shops and pizzerias to luxurious sushi and kaiseki restaurants that provide a fancy multi-course meal. Since the flats and living quarters are so tiny in the city, majority of the residents eat out frequently, so be prepare to mingle!

One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Imperial Palace, which is until today the home of the emperor of Japan. The palace is constructed on a large astonishing site, where the remains of Edo Castle are within sight.

No visit to capital of Japan would be perfect without getting a tour to Akihabara, also called Akihabara Electric Town or Akiba. This region has a large collection of electronic shops and another, fascinating attraction is the Tokyo Tower, a big structure like that of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

When in the city, don’t neglect to visit Tokyo Disneyland, a theme park that features Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour, The Mickey Mouse Review among others.

All of the temples in Tokyo are really a great place to visit. The favorite amongst the shrines in the region is Sensoji Temple, also called the Asakusa Kannon Temple. Situated in Asakusa, the temple is shrine, with features like the Kaminarimon a five-storied pagoda.

Another place is Meiji Shrine, ordained to the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his wife Shoken, this is another well visited temple in Tokyo. Finished in 1920 and reconstructed after the World War II, Meiji Shrine is abode to many different festivals and events.

Tokyo has a large amount of museums, Some of the most popular, are the Tokyo National Museum which was the first in addition to being the largest in Japan another one is the Edo Tokyo Museum, many different artifacts are on display these are associated to the Tokyo’s history and culture;

Tokyo is also a place for nature lovers, with its amazing parks and beautiful gardens. Tokyo is an awesome place for shopping and is one of the leading shopping destinations for individuals who lust for everything from designer threads to the latest and most outstanding in technological devices. Whether you’re surfing the bargain-priced finds in one of the city’s numerous interior and outdoor markets or pandering in a quieter, upscale surroundings amidst designer stores, you can be certain that if you want something, you will see it there.

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