Explore the Tranquility of Waratah Bay

Waratah BayNeatly tucked away near Wilson’s Promontory, Waratah Bay is a beautiful town in the South Gippsland region of Victoria. The town is located just a few minutes away from ” Prom” and Sandy Point Victoria on the northern end of the shore of Waratah Bay, which the town is named after and Sandy Point faces. Waratah Bay is the place that you can visit for a tranquil and secluded beach front holiday, as the town has no shops so you will not have that much noise to deal with.

When you holiday in Waratah Bay you will be able to explore the 15 km long beach along the beautiful round bay. The beach is safe for swimming, but you should stay in the swash zone as the outer zones can have some large rips. The bay is also suitable for surfing, whether it is in the wind or on kites. Plus since the bay normally has some high waves for about 300 m in the region closer to Sandy Point Victoria; you will have a wide surf zone to ride the waves. Surf fishing is also a popular activity on the bay as well as walking on the stunning sweep of white sandy beach.

If you are one who appreciates nature, Waratah Bay will provide you with lots of opportunities to explore the unspoiled beauty of the area. During this adventure, you will find many places where you will have some good views of the town and the beach. One of the best spots for you to have a spectacular view is on the dam which is on one of the bush tracks. You will also have some panoramic views across to Wilson’s Promontory when you walk along the beach.

Due to it close proximity to Wilson’s Promontory which is clearly visible from the bay you will have the chance to visit the Prom and explore all that the national park has to offer. From its wide array of wildlife to the peaks of the mountain, Waratah Bay will give you a chance to explore it all. Since the bay stretches from Sandy Point to Walkerville, you will have the opportunity to see the historic lime kilns that are built into the limestone cliffs in Walkerville, which is on the western end of the bay. There are also plenty of flat grounds for you to go biking while exploring the many beautiful features of the area.

For those interested in horseback riding and caravaning you too will be catered for as there are stables at Foster that will cater to your equatorial needs. You will also have the Waratah Bay Caravan Park which is fronted by the pristine beach right at hand. The Caravan Park is a great family Park with all the facilities needed to accommodate your tents and caravans. There is even a children’s playground onsite, if you are traveling with kids.

After you are through exploring Waratah Bay you are sure to find a wide range of suitable places to stay in the area. The Wilsons Promontory Accommodation options are a good choice for you to consider but the Sandy Point Accommodation choices will be the best choice for you to have all the fun that Waratah Bay can accommodate. These vacation rentals will put you among all the great Wilsons Prom Accommodation while providing you with spacious, homely and extremely comfortable spaces that are well equipped kitchen and the other facilities needed for comfort. Plus you will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and the laid back atmosphere of Waratah Bay.

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