Exploring the Fortknocker Canyon in Utah

Fortknocker Canyon is a rarely visited section of White Canyon in the state of Utah. The slots of Fortknocker are some of the most captivating features of the landscape. The Canyon has several short gorgeous twisting narrow passages, sculpted into the eroded rocks of various hues of pink, red and grey. Hidden from sight, the Canyon’s walls are elegantly carved with thin wide bands that create subtle, wavelike patterns in it.

The floor of Fortknocker has a mixture of choke stones, wavy terraces and sandy areas. The centre of the canyon is quite wide because it extends through a series of slots that gradually broaden until it reaches the middle. There is a tributary that joins another from the right; a large dry fall around 40 feet follows after. You can easily pass this by climbing down terraces on the right side. This will mark the start of the lower slots that are still very beautiful in spite of being enclosed. There are several large potholes that hold water for up to several meters in wet weather and even in the driest spells. So be careful when you approach them, because you never know how deep these potholes can be, and you would not want to fall in with full backpack. The canyon will also be very wet and muddy whenever it rains. There are also a few other broad dry falls which are all easy to climb across.

When you reach the end of this section you will see a more established passage way. This passage is a very narrow canal of interconnected flooded potholes, which overflows into a pool of unknown depth. The drop from the potholes into the pool is about 3 feet after which the end of the canal is reached and Fortknocker’s junction with White Canyon begins at the point where the cliffs are sheer and up to 400 feet high.
After the last slot, the water flows over a wide, curved cliff, which is the reason that Fortknocker is not entered from the west. The east side of the canyon has unpaved, unsigned posted tracks, which is the main reason Fortknocker receives such small amounts of visitors and remains un-spoilt. On a very hot summer day Fortknocker’s slot is the perfect place to get away from the harsh desert heat.

To get to Fortknocker from the city of Moab, travel west on E Center Street toward S Main Street then take the first left onto S Main St/US-191 S. Continue along US-191 S then make a left turn at S Main St/US-191 S and continue along US-191 S for about 4 miles. Then turn right at UT-95 N and drive for 62.1 miles. Fortknocker merges with White Canyon about one mile east of the highway about 4 miles south of the Black Hole between mileposts 59 and 60.

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