Florida Day Trip

florida-day-tripGet away for a day, and take a trip to enjoy Florida!!! There is so much more to Florida than theme parks and beaches. This popular destination is perfect for its varied amount of attractions and culture which makes it a great Florida day trip.

Visit the museums and take a look into the art and history of the sunshine state. Explore the lovely aquariums and zoos, which provide a glimpse into Florida’s marine wildlife and creatures. Wander through the beautiful gardens that are well known for their gorgeous flora and fauna. Partake in any of the state’s annual festivals, as there are special events and festivals going on throughout the year across Florida. Whether you go for the art and crafts or simply for the great food, these are great treats that invites you to get away for a fun filled day in Florida. Don’t forget about taking off to the warm and inviting beaches to catch some waves or go canoeing at one of Florida’s great water parks. You can also enjoy one of the many day cruises that leave the many ports throughout the state.

Discover the many beautiful salt water rivers on your Florida day trip, including the very famous Suwannee River of Old Folks. This area boasts about ten different rivers for you to take a dive in or just linger along the banks. If you prefer tantalizing fresh water springs, then the best place to visit is the Great Green, this spring is for the more adventurous among us and is famous for being the cave diving capital of the world. There are beautiful state parks, county parks and hidden gems all over the state of Florida for you to discover that features delightful and enjoyable activities.

The real Florida is just moments away, but remember the further north you go in Florida, the farther south you get. Florida is one of the best vacation destinations in the world. So go ahead and plan your day trip to Florida where you can leave footprints and take lots of memorable pictures in this beautiful state.

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