Fun Facts About Jamaica

Jamaica is a little jewel in the Caribbean, with beautiful beaches, warm golden sun, coffee and luxurious resorts. However, there is a lot more to Jamaica than this, below are a few fun facts about the country of Jamaica.

1. Although English is the country’s official language, Jamaicans mainly speak to each other in Patois, which is a language made up of English and African Creole.

2. Jamaica is the first in the Western world to build a railway only 18 years after Britain and before the United States.

3. The Milk River Bath and Mineral Spa is the most radioactive spa in the world. Its waters are nine and three times more radioactive than those at Bath, England, and those at Karlvoy Vary, Czech Republic respectively.

4. Jamaica is the first English speaking Country in the Caribbean to gain Independence, which was in 1962.

5. Besides the United States, Jamaica is the country which has won the most Olympic and world medals.

6. Jamaica is a sprint power house and is home to the world’s fastest man and other great athletes.

7. Jamaica is 3rd place on the list of countries to have ever won the Miss World titles the most.

8. The Golf Club in the parish of Manchester is the oldest hotel in the western world and was established in 1868 in Jamaica.

9. Although Jamaica is the land of sunshine the country is a competitor in the Winter Olympic Games.

10. Jamaica is the official birth place of Reggae and Dancehall.

11. Jamaica is very religious and the Lord’s Prayer is prayed every morning in every Jamaican Public School.

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  1. Very nice set of facts. Jamaica is the best place to visit every summer.

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  3. kim

    Good article Amy, thanks and we would like more posts like this! I am a big fan of Jamaica and love it in the summers. Keep up the good work.

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    Very engaging report for travelers. most appreciated!

  6. Frank Dubay

    There are some really funny stuff about Ja, I’m glad you shared. It’s not like the usual bunch of fun fact that aren’t really funny, you made some good points in this features. 🙂

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    so much wonderful info on here, : D.

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