Gambero Rosso Restaurant Review

Sicilian-CuisineGambero Rosso is a family owned restaurant where you can enjoy delicious Sicilian cuisines in the garden or on the terrace when in Italy. Located off the Corso Umberto in Taormina, when you step inside this gorgeous restaurant you will enjoy a wonderful setting along with some mouth-watering treats.

When you dine at this restaurant you will feel the warm hospitality that the restaurant is known for, from the moment you step inside its doors. You will also enjoy the lovely Sicilian decor of this restaurant, which is the perfect blend of comfortable tones. Plus since Gambero Rosso is located on the steps from Corso Umberto, you will have something to look at when you dine as there are always people walking by.

Gambero Rosso means red shrimp, which means that seafood is at its best at this restaurant, and it is also very popular in the Sicilian Cuisine. So you can treat yourself to a delicious shrimp cocktail with a zest of Italian flavor or any other seafood creation when you visit this establishment.

Via Naumachie 11
98039 Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Tel: 39 094224863

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