Getting Around and Transportation in Punta Gorda

punta gorda transportationPunta Gorda is a little and walking town. There are five main streets namely Front, Main, Jose Maria Nunez, West, and Far West. Day activity tends to focus on Central Park on Main Street. A few Punta Gorda Belize Hotels provide free bikes for their guests; there is also bike hire service available.

The main route to Punta Gorda is by means of the south highway. The only other option to reach there, apart from boat is flying. Punta Gorda is located approximately a four hour drive away from Belize City and there’s an express bus that operates daily from Belize City to Punta Gorda. The airstrip also has many regular flights from Belize City. Punta Gorda also has three water taxis from Puerto Barrios in Guatemala that runs daily. The water taxis also run straight from Livingston on Tuesdays and Fridays. Just a reminder if you are planning to travel by the boats, they won’t operate if the weather is bad.

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