Guide to Placencia Belize – All You Need to Know About Placencia Belize

placencia-belizePlacencia is a little village south of Stann Creek District in Belize. It dwells on the tip of a peninsula around forty miles away from Dangriga. The Placencia Peninsula is approximately sixteen miles long and houses three communities namely Placencia Village, Maya Beach and Seine Bight. The name Placencia is really a distortion of the name Punta Placentia given by the Spaniards to the peninsula, which means Point Pleasant in English.

Placencia is a coastal fishing village with a steady temperature and climate, the people who lives there are creoles (descendants of African and European). Placencia is still mainly a fishing village, even though it is getting very appealing to people seeking adventure from an inland trip and others, looking to relax in the sun and enjoy the sea. Placencia Belize is a small piece of heaven for nature lovers, because it has many beautiful plants and flowers, birds and even butterflies. The beaches are normally referred to as the best on mainland and the roads in Placencia are not paved, but simply a series of pathways for pedestrian traffic.

Hotels in Placencia Belize

In Placencia Belize there is a mixture of small and mid-size hotels and resorts and many other types of housing alternatives like holiday rentals, condominiums, villas, beach houses and cabanas.

The Placencia hotels will offer travelers with a lot of different accommodations; for individuals on a budget hotels can be found in and around town. The Placencia beaches located north of town is wider and more detached; this is where a lot of the more expensive hotels in Placencia Belize are located. The villas there are perfect for anyone wanting more space, and flexibility. Simple accommodations are better at an in-town guesthouse. If you stay at one of the Placencia villas that are connected to any of the resorts, you will not just only enjoy a comfortable stay but also make the best of the many resort activities and tours.

Soulshine Resort is a little cozy resort in Placencia Belize. This resort is uniquely settled on a private island however a few minutes’ walk is the Placencia after crossing a small inlet from the ocean to the tranquil village of Placencia.

Singing Sands Inn is neatly tucked inside an attractively landscaped tropical garden, supplying a relaxing environment and ambiance. The broad sandy beach provides a lot of both the sun and shade; many palms, hammocks and beach chairs are also available.

The Placencia Hotel provides the real escape where you will be able to unwind and experience the natural world. At the Placencia Hotel you can find some of the best outdoor activities in the region in a great location.

Attractions in Placencia Belize

Placencia Belize has a lot of attractions like the Monkey River, the Cockscomb Basin, and Maya Ruins. This place is famous for offshore Fishing, Diving or Snorkeling in Belize’s clean Reef. Perhaps you will want to unwind in a hammock on the beautiful sandy beach. Placencia’s irresistible location provides a few of Belize’s best beaches ideal for sport fishing, swimming, diving and snorkeling.

Placencia Belize is a heaven for all real nature lovers, because Placencia has many plants, birds, iguanas, and flowers. You will be able to Kayak close to the Mangroves in the peaceful lagoon and maybe you’ll see the manatees. If you’re fascinated with adventure, a visit to the cayes by kayak will be perfect.

Charter a boat and take a ride out on Monkey River there you’ll see the renowned Howler Monkeys, and perhaps a Crocodile along way. You can also take a ride to the many different cayes that is located between Placencia and the Barrier Reef of Belize. Snorkel around the small reefs and dive in the clean barrier reef or just unwind on one of the beautiful white sandy beach.

Only a fast ride by boat across the Placencia Lagoon or a two hour ride on the Southern Highway will carry you to the fascinating Maya Ruin sites of Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun. Formerly important cities to the ancient Mayans, these partly dug up sites provides the background for the marvelous stories of Xibalba and the Mayan Underworld.

Just about an hour’s drive away from Placencia is Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. This is the abode of the first Jaguar Reserve in the world, even though it is rare for you to see a jaguar there, you are certain they are watching you when you are exploring their domicile. The Cockscomb sanctuary is home to many different species of birds, plants and other wildlife. After a few hours of hiking on the trails filled with peccaries and many other animals, you can chill out under the invigorating waterfall, or swim in the clean, clear water before going home.

Dining in Placencia Belize

As a developing tourist destination Placencia has an intriguing selection of small restaurant and shops.

As you may know, the luxurious restaurants are controlled mostly by the big resorts. Turtle Inn wraps you in its lovely atmosphere and lays out uniform Italian fare. Robert’s Grove Inn provides quality and nightly special events keep things interesting. Laru Beya’s restaurant is a good choice, a bit more casual. North of Maya Beach is the Placencia Hotel that dishes out Italian and American food in dining areas located by the pool, in the main restaurant and by the dock bar. These restaurants provide formal dining settings. Some additional famous restaurants are La Dolce Vita Italian, Purple Space Monkey and Habaneros Mexican Grill for some great food and outstanding entertainment.

So regardless if it’s a beach restaurant like Cozy Corner located in the village or an upscale one like the Bistro in Maya Beach you’re certain to experience and savor the wonderful Caribbean flavor.

Nightlife in Placencia Belize

There is no shortage of bars in Placencia. For your nightlife in Placencia you might be entertained with live music from some local bands, dance under the stars, sing karaoke, or just park yourself on a barstool and hear some local tales; Placencia is booming on Thursdays and Sundays with entertainment. Barefoot Grill and Bar has an active Saturday night with live reggae music out on a big deck. The Tipsy Tuna Sports bar also has some lively entertainment in the nights.

Shopping in Placencia Belize

Placencia Belize isn’t actually renowned as a shopping town, however the more you get to know the village you’ll find a few nice places to shop.

Gift Shops

The primary merchandise you’ll discovery on the peninsula are crafts and souvenirs. Gift shops are located at just about all the hotels and cabanas in the region; even so, there are boutiques that operate separately such as Lost In Paradise Beach Shop, Robert’s Grove, Sunova Beach and Beach Bazaar. Beach Bazaar is likely to carry the widest selection of souvenirs.

Works of art can be discovered at Art ‘N’ Soul on the sidewalk or Lola’s Art Gallery in Seine Bight, which both caries the works of local artists. Jap’s Jewelry offers gifts made from precious stones and metals. Spectarte Gallery has a tidy collection of sculptures, crafts, furniture and Belizean paintings while Maya Carvers exhibit unusual wood and stone carvings.

People are normally walking on the beach and streets selling coin purses carvings, beaded bracelets fabrics and Mayan baskets. These sellers usually have a few crafts that were really built in their villages. Colorful hammocks and masks are on exhibit outside many tiny shops that sells these same items. In Placencia Belize, on the second weekend of February, the sidewalks normally come alive with the yearly Placencia Sidewalk Arts Festival, where local artists display their best works.

If groceries are what you need, there are many different choices available in Placencia Belize, like Tommy’s Market and Veronica’s. The new supermarket in Seine Bight is among the largest in the area, and small distance away is the produce shop operated David Perez.

Many resorts have gift shops that sell resort wear such as t-shirts, cover-ups and swimwear. Dive shops normally have a small amount of aquatic gear.

Weather in Placencia Belize

The tropical weather in Placencia Belize is normally warm and humid. Placencia humidity is higher than most other regions of the country. The constant temperature during the year is normally 75-80°F (24-27°C), and the difference between the temperature in the day and nighttime isn’t much.

The seasons are characterized in regards to the amount of precipitation. The rainy time of the year is from May to November and from February to April or May is the dry season. There is occasionally a dry patch in July or August, when it hardly rains this typically last for a couple of weeks. The total amount of rainfall for the year is around 400cm annually.

Transportation in Placencia Belize

It doesn’t get any more easygoing in Belize than Placencia, which is saying quite a lot. To reach Placencia Belize there is the option of a plane, bus, or rental car from Belize City. All of these choices in transportation are very easy to get. Car Rental service is available when you reach there, however the village is very little and going around on foot is normally a lot better.

You will be able to make it to Placencia Belize via air or road. Regardless of which way you select to travel by, driving gives a fascinating and beautiful view. There are a lot of car rental services available in Belize and some offer to drive through the beautiful highways of Belize thru the Hummingbird and Souther Highways. If you plan to drive, on this route the roads are paved and the road signs are clear and consistent. Once off the highways you will encounter rough, dusty, winding roads so it is best to drive a sturdy 4×4 drive only in the day.

Two local airlines, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air offer daily flights to Placencia from Belize City Municipal and the International Airport. Placenica is really near to the airstrip so you will be able to either walk, or use a cab to get from the Placenica airstrip.

There is also a Placencia daily shuttle service which goes from Belize Airport or Belize City to Placencia. The last alternative is to go by bus to Placencia this is the most adventurous way to reach your destination. Traveling by bus normally takes around five hours to reach Placencia Belize from Belize City or San Ignacio and is really an adventure to definitely enjoy.

Placencia Belize now features Barefoot Rentals that normally offers transportation, Golf cart rentals, Car rentals and charter services.

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