Hotels in Belize

hotels in belizeBelize boasts about 7,000 guest room options for you to enjoy. From cozy hotels to resorts and lodges your ideal accommodation awaits you in Belize. Most of the hotels in Belize are family owned with this in mind your hotel stays will be filled with some memorable and warm experience.

No matter what your budget or style is, when you visit the island you can expect to find a wide variety of hotels and vacation rentals in Belize to your liking. To find the perfect hotel in Belize you can search the areas that you are interested in to find one that best suites you. This includes searching the areas like the Cayo District, the capital of Belmopan, the Mountain Pine Ridge area, the Toledo region, or the lovely Orange Walk district.

Once you have decided to visit Belize, remember that this Central American country is nestled in the lush tropical rainforest regions of the country. Hence most of the hotels and rentals in Belize are located in well-known forested areas, like near the Mayan temples. Belize’s hotels usually offer much privacy with some located in the secluded areas for you to enjoy. Furthermore, these accommodation options are amazingly decorated with contemporary amenities, soothing showers and comfy beds for you to enjoy.

Belize-rentalsIf you choose to stay in the heart of the rustic Belize landscape, you will be able to enjoy activities, such as bird watching and hiking through the forest near the wonderful Mayan structures. Imagine staying at a thatched-roof hotel, providing you with picturesque views of the beautiful Mayan temples. Depending on where you choose to stay, your hotel rate can start as low as $40 per night to a high of $150.

Hotels like Parrot’s Nest and Cahal Pech in the Cayo District are two of the main choices for you. The Chaa Creek’s hotels are sophisticated as they are situated on beachfront properties. The exciting Jaguar Paw and Maruba hotels offer you a taste of wild Belize ecstasy. The rooms of these Belize hotels are nicely decorated, and features air conditioning units, and the rates are affordable.

On Ambergris Caye the fabulous and inviting Ramon Village awaits you. This hotel offers you first class treatment to pamper all your needs with the chance to visit the famous Blue Hole. Other fascinating hotels you can choose from in this area are the accommodation options at Banyan Bay, the Belize Reef or the Xanadu areas.

Other enchanting accommodation options for you in Belize are the laid-back small seaside resorts of Placencia, which provides excellent service to all visitors to their doors. Some of these are the Maya Beach Hotel, Tradewinds Hotel and the Singing Sands Inn.

Plan your getaway to Belize’s tropical paradise and you will enjoy staying in one of the elegant, warm and friendly hotels, which offers exceptional services and will meet your needs.

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