How to Choose Side Tables?

side tablesSide tables also known as end tables are perhaps the pieces of furniture that most people do not pay much attention to when purchasing. The reason for this is to most persons these pieces of furniture are relatively small, and they have less focus when compared to other furniture in the living room. However, a side table plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your house, and it will help to add functionality to any living space and accent the décor of a room. Therefore, choosing the right side table is very important when decorating as it can make or break a space.

What Will The Side Table Be Used For?

When it comes time to choose a side table for your home, you must know the purpose that you will be using the side table for, before choosing one. Will you be using it as an accent or as a functional table? Accent side tables are not used to hold lamps or other items; instead these tables are mainly used for the sake of completing or filling up an empty space. However, if you want a multifunctional side table then it is best for you to choose side tables that are well balanced and have shelves or drawers.

Size Really Matters

The next thing for you to do is determine the size table that you will need. Choosing a table that is too small or large for the space can throw off your whole design as well as make the space look awkward. So you will need to make sure that the side table is the right size which will fit in with the dimension of the room.


Choose A Style

Thirdly, you will need to choose the style of the side table you would like to go with. Side tables are made from many different types of materials, with the most common being wood and metal. There are also side tables that are crafted from stone, leather, and glass. Regardless of the material that you choose, the style and type of side table that you select should be in accordance to the theme and décor of the room followed by other furniture pieces.

Which Shape is Best?

When choosing your side table you should also think about which table shape would best fit in with the available space that you have; as these tables come in various shapes. The possibilities of shape that you can choose from include round, oval, square or rectangle. So what you should do is look around the room and analyze the layout you have as well as all the other furniture to determine the best shape table for the space.

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