How to Find and Hire a Really Good Custom Writer?

custom_writingAll writers come with different talents. Two of the primary features of a great writer are the ability to write on many different topics and the ability to produce content that is new, fresh and relevant. A great writer also knows and understand your niche as well as what message you wish to give in your articles, e-books, web content and the whole works. When searching for a writer you want person or company who is reliable and will meet deadlines.

How to Find Reliable and Good Writers; Writers Who Delivers?

Good custom writers are all over, you just need to search for “freelance writers” in Google or any other search engine, and you’ll have many results from your search. This will range from sole individuals to large companies who want your business. However, this is only the beginning of getting the most suitable person to write for you, as you will naturally weed out persons based on your back ground research on them or if they don’t cover your topics or industry.

Another way for finding writers is on freelance sites. These sites will allow you to list your opportunity and your particular for your content; you will get bids from interested individuals who can write informative content for you. But you must be cautious, as some bidders might not be fluent speakers of your language, and it may show in the quality of the work they produce.

How Do I Hire a Good Writer?

Getting a good writer who can deliver quality is just half the equation. In order to get the services of an expert writer, you must think about what you’re comfortable to pay for your content. Writers will bid on average $10 to $50 for 500 words on a project, but the cost per word count isn’t the only standard to use in choosing a writer to hire, hiring someone with the lowest bid or quote may indicate that they are not thorough enough to successfully complete the job or to meet your stipulations. For example some bidders will supply some really low bids like $2 for 500 words and you need to honestly look and think about what level of research can be done to produce quality content for this low price. Some people will argue that the cost of living is cheaper in their country regardless of this how far can $2 stretch and give a profit at the same time? It is always good to request samples or testimonials (testimonial maybe a bit harder to get since most of their previous clients wish to remain anonymous or have signed non disclosure agreements) from potential writers prior to making your final decision.

Finding a good custom writer who will live up to your expectations will take some good work, and you may even be lucky to find your writer on your first try but for many this isn’t the case. However it is crucial not to give up because once you find a good writer; you’ll harvest the fruits of some impressive content work, in addition to a reliable person to work with on the long run. It is also important to remember that clear and effective communication is the key to creating and sustaining a good and long virtual work relationship between you and your writer.

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