How to Install a New WordPress Theme

So, you have installed your WordPress site, and you want to make a switch from the default theme to a more appealing one but you have no idea how to do it? Well, I will explain how you can install your new WordPress theme in 4 simple and easy steps, which will take only a few minutes and even the newest WordPress beginner can easily follow on their own.

Find a theme that you like and download it

Finding a theme is quite easy, as there are many themes available for free downloads, there are also themes available for purchase. Just visit and navigate to the WordPress Theme Directory or search Google to find a free WordPress theme to fit your needs. Once you find a wp theme that you like you can preview it right on the site to see if it is to your taste. After which just download the template, via the download link or button, it should come in a .zip file.

Extract the file and read the instructions.

The next thing for you to do is extract the file that you downloaded and if there is a readme.txt file from the Theme author you should read it and follow the instructions or guidelines given. The readme.txt file may also contain the license for the theme.

Upload the new theme

Log on to your server (which host your site) using your FTP client. Find the directory (folder) where your WordPress site is installed, look for the wp-content directory open it, navigate to the themes directory and upload your new theme files to the themes directory.

Activate the new theme

The final step is to activate the theme in your admin panel. To activate the new theme, login to your admin panel, navigate to the Presentation tab and click “Activate.” After you have activated the theme, refresh your website to see the new WordPress theme.

That’s it you are done, see how easy that was! If you need any customization after this you can hire a programmer to help you with this.

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