How to Look Fabulous on a Budget – Tips to Looking Great for Less

With the recession having everyone holding on their wallets, many women do not have the luxury to purchase expensive products in fancy packaging to look their best. However, if you still want to save money during this hard economic time and still want to look your best keep on reading. We know that as a woman keeping yourself looking great is imperative regardless of the economic conditions so below are a few tips to help you look good without hurting your bank account.

1. Beautiful Hair for Less
Hair is very important, and we need to take the time to complete this essential treatment, especially when you want to look good. However, you do not need to spend a lot of money on products such as shampoos and conditioners, because unlike the popular belief that hair is dry due to the lack of natural oils. Dry hair is as a result of lack of moisture, so all you need to do is buy a good moisturizer to suit your hair’s daily need and type, and you will be ok. So there is no need to buy those expensive shampoos and conditioners, unless your hair is permed or relaxed.

Furthermore, your hair color is essential as it brightens your complexion and makes your hair look beautiful and healthy. Normally, it is recommended for you to avoid self color, but if you are a natural blonde, brunette or have light brown hair you can color your hair or create highlights all on your own. You will also be able to find all the products to color your hair at your local drugstore, pharmacy or supermarket at a fraction of what it would cost you at the salon.

2. Free Make-Up and Cheaper Make-Up
When it comes to buying make up opt for the supermarket products, or look for deals on your favorite brand or products. Come on, honestly, is the more expensive mascara really better than your drugstore product? Some might say yes, but I am sure that the cheaper product does the same job as the expensive one, and, unless the expensive one curls and moisturizes your lashes as well, the cheaper one is the better buy if you are on a budget. The same also goes for your blush, lip balm, lipstick, moisturizer and eye shadow. You can, however, buy your regular foundation and mineral makeup, as you might not be comfortable with another brand, or if you have sensitive skin or is prone to acne.

Another way to save money on make-up is by using free makeup. As these offers can let you look hot and beautiful for free or next to free.

3. Ways to Save Money on Clothes and Still look Fabulous

Buying clothes is often necessary regardless of the economic changes, and it cannot be ignored or overlooked. Plus as women we always want to look chic, but how do we survive when we have to shop on less?

Shop Online – For one, you can shop online for great deals and savings, because online is one of the best places for you to find cheap quality clothing when on a budget.

Find the discount stores – You can find several discount stores that offer quality designer clothing at heavily discounted prices. Some of these stores will help you to save 50 – 70% on the original prices of designer clothing.

Also be sure to look out for sales and shop at vintage thrift stores for winter wear, as you can find cashmere sweaters and coats at these stores. Or even vintage fashion that you can blend with your latest clothing line to look fabulous, plus the items will be very cheap.

4. Shop Sales for Shoes
When looking to save when buying shoes sales are great ways to go. However, be very practical and don’t waste money buying a pair of shoes because it is cheap, or it looks good when you know that you will not wear it or won’t be comfortable in it. So buy something that you will wear and will be comfortable wearing. Plus if those shoes could be worn on multiple occasions or is multipurpose that would be a great plus. Because your shoes are an investment, and if you can find a pair that you can wear with your little black dress, then wear it to work or to the club, you will actually be saving on two pairs of shoes.

Finally also remember to keep the fingers and toes well manicured when you want to look your best. Plus you can always do this on your own and still look fabulous. Being on a budget is no reason or excuse for you not to look fabulous.

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