How to Rock n Roll With Social Media Marketing

social-media-marketingAre you ready to win in social media? Social media marketing is affecting the way we do business and can be highly effective, if you know how to or what you’re doing. Whether you are a start up, you have been around the block, or you are looking for a way to listen, measure and engage you need to have effective social marketing skills in order to grow and reach your target market.

According to several researches, companies that totally rock in their social media marketing initiatives are active on all or a combination of the following social media platforms.


Use your Facebook account to respond to comments, like content, engage with clients and get likes. Facebook users love visual content so the posts you share should be short and have good videos and photos.


Having a Twitter account is great as it will allow you to tweet and respond to any mentions of your brand. Twitter will also allow you to share relevant content. To be more successful in your marketing make sure you have a beautifully designed background, follow relevant companies/individuals, make the most of your hashtag, and remember to talk like a real person.


Pinterest is a content sharing service that allows you to “pin” and repin relevant pins of images, videos, new and relevant company content. This platform will also allow you to follow and respond to comments on your pins.


Use your LinkedIn company profile to share news, join relevant discussions and groups. LinkedIn is also great for researching relevant groups and industry associations especially when keeping an event.


Use Google+ to explore your interests, get recommendations, ask questions and stay connected with your communities. With this platform you can share publicly, build a following and start connecting with other users who will share your content, photos and videos.


Instagram is an effective and fun tool for sharing photos of your company and any new visual content your company have created. Instagram allows you to follow other users’ feeds, apply digital filters and it can be a handy tool when planning an event because you can use it to post teaser shots of everything while it’s being put together.

Social Media is here to stay and if you don’t have any of the above social media accounts, you need to sign up or contact a marketing team to help bring your message brand to your consumers. Because you need this type of marketing to help take your business to the next level.

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