How to use Twit Cam

Twitcam is the latest and hottest live video micro blogging website online all compliments of Stream Live. Below are 5 easy steps to getting started on Twitcam.

1. Sign in with your twitter account, if you don’t have a twitter account sign up for one.
2. Once you are signed in click the broadcast live button.

3. You will get a pop up asking for access to your microphone and camera, click allow.

4. Start broadcasting.

5. Once you are thru with your live broadcast, your video will be archived and displayed on the same page.

Simply put, twitter users only need to log into with their correct username and password and TwitCam will automatically find the camera installed; then you need to make a page for the live broadcast and then start your broadcast. You can also post the link in the your twitter feed so that your followers can join in live.

This makes a live video chat in twitter available with only one click.

An additional benefit of this tool is that while using TwitCam, you can also interact by tweeting normally with other followers.

That it, have fun Twitcaming!

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