L’Arco dei Cappuccini Review

L'Arco dei Cappuccini restaurantSituated right off Via Costantino Patricio is the small Sicily restaurant L’Arco dei Cappuccini. When you enter this restaurant you will find the bulletin board with the menu near the entrance, which describes the specials and cuisines. L’Arco dei Cappuccini features outdoor seating in addition to the indoor setting and the upstairs kitchen which helps to create the perfect atmosphere which is relaxed.

Dining at this restaurant means you can indulge in linguine alle vongole veraci, Scampi’s Arc Capuchin, steamed octopus carpaccio, grouper with noodles and zucchini, and shrimps, which are fantastic. Reservations are important when you are dining with more than two people. Over all the service is fast, friendly and informal and the food is great!

L’Arco dei Cappuccin
Via Cappuccini 5A,
Taormina, 98039
Tel: 0942/24893

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