Laser Eye Surgery

laser-eye-surgeryLaser eye surgery is a type of deflective surgical procedure used to correct myopia (shortsightedness), hyperopia (longsighted), and astigmatism. LASIK procedures are generally performed by ophthalmologists and are similar to other types of operative eye procedures. Laser eye surgery is a secure and efficient technique of correcting optical problems, which often remove the need for glasses. Persons that choose to use LASIK to correct their eye problems, tend to recover faster as well as receive a better eye sight. This is due to the fact that laser eye surgery eradicates the risks associated with wearing contacts, including reducing the risks of possible infections or abrasions.

If you’re considering having this vision correction surgery, there are two main techniques of laser eye surgery that are used today. These are LASIK Laser Eye Surgery and PRK Laser Eye Surgery. The main difference between the two surgeries is the way that the stoma and the middle layer of the cornea, is open before they are vaporized with the laser. The PRK, procedure is done when the top layer of the cornea, called the epithelium, is scraped off to expose the stoma layer underneath. While in the LASIK procedure the flap is cut into and the stoma layer and the flap is folded back.

Laser eye surgery can have an impressive effect on your life and is therefore, something that ought not to be taken lightly. With the advancement in technology that is available today, the improvement of vision capabilities makes laser eye surgery an increasingly popular surgery for both young and old people. Plus the procedure safe in addition to the other increased benefits that getting your eyes lasered will give you.

The cost of laser eye surgery depends on your location, the surgeon fees, the treatment, the condition your eyes are in and the aftercare treatment you will receive. You do not need to think about the savings you will make if you choose to go ahead with laser eye surgery. As getting this procedure done will not only save you from buying new glasses, or contact lenses, but it will give you a brand new look and more confidence.

While many Lasik patients can return to work the next day, you should try to schedule a few days of rest. Plus your doctor will advise you to avoid any strenuous activities for the first couple of days. In order to prevent eye infection after surgery, you will be given a special lotion, cream or make-up to wear around the eye for a short time, depending on how well your eyes are healing.

Your first check-up after surgery should be at least two days after, as your doctor will need to remove the eye shield, test your vision, and examine your eyes. Be warned that the first six months are very important to your recovery. You will also receive a course of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops, in the weeks following the surgery so that your eyes can be properly moisturized daily as to minimize the risk of infection.

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