For years, thousands of people from all across the world have had to live with various types of eyesight impairments. Although contact lens and glasses have reduced a lot of these eye problems, they still have their drawbacks. For example, both have to be occasionally changed and can cause some form of discomfort. As you have noticed, the popularity of Lasik surgery has significantly increased in recent years because it is a great way for you to get better vision without the high cost that is associated with maintaining those contacts or the bulkiness like with the glasses.

What does it Cost to Have Lasik Surgery Done?

The lasik surgery cost and pricing system is a bit complex, and the cost differs from one surgeon to another and is based on several factors. Some surgeon will charge per eye, so if you were planning on getting both eyes done this amount will double. While other Lasik surgeons may also add additional charges for new technologies like wavefront analysis, which is used for extra precise corrections. However, some places will give you the chance to choose a payment option from their flexible payment plans, which allow you to get the procedure done, then pay for it over a period of time.

The Benefits of Lasik surgery

The biggest advantage of Lasik eye surgery is it corrects a patient’s vision to the point that they no longer need contacts or glasses or contact lenses. What’s more, the results are lasting. Another benefit is this procedure is almost painless and will only take a few minutes to be completed. In addition to all of this, the recovery period is also very short and the surgery normally only needs to be performed once. Lasik surgery is also very affordable and the results are almost immediate.

Types of Lasik Surgery

There are many different types of Lasik surgery, which include Epi-LASIK, CK LASIK, Custom Vue Lasik or Wavefront LASIK, Conventional IntraLasik, and Custom Vue IntraLasik. The Custom Vue IntraLasik is the most expensive type of Lasik surgery since it combines both the Custom Vue’s Waterfront and Conventional IntraLasik technologies.

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