London City Review

londonLondon is among the most gorgeous and fascinating places to see. From its awesome museums to its beautiful parks, the British capital is a sure delight. London frequently called “the City” or the “Square Mile”, is a very small city. Situated inside Greater London, England the City of London makes the historic center of British capital.

London’s story goes back to its discovery by the Romans. The old City of London still holds its small medieval edges. During the medieval era, the City of London was the entire length of London, but now, it is made up the old portion of British capital, and London currently refers to a great urban sprawl holding the City of London and the City of Westminster. London is very colloquially split into the east and west. The easterly region of the City, the East End, is near to the original Port of London. It is among the poorest regions in the city, and notable for the large amount of immigrants residing there. On the other side of London is the West End, it is the primary entertainment and shopping district. It has pricey residential areas like Notting Hill, Chelsea and Knights-bridge.

London has come out as a great business or financial center, and is rated at equal level with New York City. It is among the top global centers of finance. The fact that the Square Mile has around 340,000 white-collar workers; who work mainly in the finance sector, London is the wealthiest square mile in the worldwide and can be regarded as the financial powerhouse as it shortly holds several financial

Visitors love to visit London’s renowned landmark which includes the London Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and the Old Bailey. The city of London has many marvelous parks including the Hyde Park, Greenwich Park and St. James Park. Summertime, Hampstead Heath, in north London, is a really great place to keep classical concerts and many people visit there on weekend to enjoy the short break of nature. Another awesome place that visitors love is The London theatre, it is great place to enjoy the evenings, and there are a lot of shows to choose from.

London Hotels

With over 600 square miles, London is a great urban center with a lot of hotel options. From the cheaper hotels in Bloomsbury to big elegant hotels in Mayfair, hotels are accessible for every budget. In fact, some of the best known hotels in the world are in Greater London. Many of which were built before the turn of the century and others even much earlier. There are even some hotels near London airport, Heathrow and hotels in Luton. The city’s peak season runs from April to October, although rooms can become short on other occasions including conventions and other major events.

London Airports

Arriving at any of London’s major airports can be intimidating. A few are quite a trek into the center and call for substantial amount of travel planning. Fortunately the city has links to several flight centers, buses, trains, Tubes, taxis and private transfer operators are available. Heathrow Airport is the primary international airport. Gatwick, Luton and Stansted are hubs for the no-frills airlines.

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