Mallorca: Hotels of the North

mallorcaMallorca or Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Nestled in the Mediterranean, this magnificent is renowned for its and lovely beaches as well as some of the best hotels of the North. Mallorca is very popular among vacationers and travelers who are searching for a relaxed vacation in a different style and surroundings. As such many travelers flock to North Mallorca since it offers a totally unique and different ambiance than the rest of the island. This means you will find many great hotels and places to stay on your trip to Majorca.

Puerta Pollensa is among the oldest tourist regions of the country, and it has some of the best hotels of the north. Along the rough coast of Puerta Pollensa, you will still experience the antique air of the hotels of the early 1920s, a century that has been taken away from the existent and contemporary bustle of the other tourist regions of Majorca. North Mallorca is where you’ll discover the towns that are untouched by tourism, such as Pollenca and Alcudia.

Several of Mallorca best hotels of the north are famous for their luxury accommodation, which is perfect for anyone seeking a place to escape and unwind, while others are slightly more agriculture bound. North Majorca has a changing landscape of rugged hills, beautiful coves and clear beautiful waters and there is a resort and accommodation in Mallorca to suit every taste and budget. Like Hotel Ca’l Lloro which extends a historic and romantic atmosphere that gives you the ideal combination of old custom and contemporary lifestyle. Hotel Son Sant Jordi which is perfect for individuals who would like to blend nature with sport.

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