Mallorca Villas

mallorca-rentalsMallorca or Majorca is one of the most gorgeous and interesting Spanish islands located within the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is an island of spectacular natural beauty, which boasts regions of breathtaking splendor. This Spanish paradise is filled with sun, beach and parties to enjoy. The island of Mallorca has impressive treats for everyone. Just choose your favorite location and the island will have you craving for more.

The northern regions are very attractive and features lots of native flora and fauna, as well as pristine waters and beautiful Mallorca hotels. This makes the northern section of the island an awesome paradise to explore if you are active and full of life. The southwestern section of Mallorca is very popular for its abundance of marinas on the island. The stunning south-west coastline is where you will find most of the beautiful villas where they line the beautiful and towering cliffs. A wide array of restaurants, shops and bars are also available for your added comfort.

The south-east area of Mallorca will also offer you a selection of Mallorca Villas in some astonishing and scenic environs. This area feature small concealed bays with lovely turquoise waters, alongside true fishing villages and dazzling sporting marinas.

Mallorca villas are available for rental anywhere you choose to stay in this Spanish paradise. The demands are very high during the summer months as scores of visitors rush to Mallorca shores to find the best villa deals. One of the best ways to find these deals is to choose your location and search online for a villa to stay. Based on your taste and budget you are sure to find a great place to stay. So let us explore some of the options you will have available when looking for Mallorca villas.

Villas in Puerto Pollensa

Majorca-villasPuerto Pollensa is on the northern tip of the island, and it is a holidaymaker haven. This beautiful area of Mallorca boasts some of the best villas that are created for the premiere traveler, such as the gorgeous Can Bou Villa or Villa Paloma. Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca villas have become more and more popular in recent years as the beauty of Mallorca’s northern coastline is seen as a memorable one.

Alcudia Villas

In the Alcudia region on the north coast, the Mallorca villas tend to feature exclusive villas with pools, as this stunning section of Mallorca coastline is generally packed with visitors. This location is ideal for families looking for somewhere to stay, and it offers many suitable villas to its visitors.

Cala dOr Villas

In the elegant Cala dOr region, the Mallorca villas offer you a selection of little sandy beaches and beautiful sheltered coves, where families can enjoy time away from the hustle and bustle. Cala dOr Mallorca villas are luxuriously furnished to please any taste and is perfect for families with young children.

Can Picafort Villas

In the magnificent surroundings of Can Picafort, the villas in Majorca represent a haven for the sophisticated travellers that have a need for fantastic holidays. The gentle slopes along the sandy beaches provide a great sunbathing area with its safe and calm waters. In this area, you will find a long walkway of incredible bars and friendly restaurants with delectable international cuisines. One of the more alluring villa’s to stay in this location is the stylish Can Duri Villa.

Villas in Pollensa

Mallorca-VillasIn the Pollensa region, the Mallorca villas are a superb illustration of Mallorca’s captivating cultural history. With the blends of Moorish and European architecture the results are breathtaking. The winding narrow streets give way to some of Mallorca’s grand attractions amidst their villas. This soothing vicinity offers you the perfect place to unwind after a long year of hard work. The inviting Mallorca villas like Bona Vista will provide you with the comforts of a private swimming pool and beautifully designed gardens with terraces.

The Mallorca weather is varied with the summer months being very hot and dry. The winter months on the island are mild and practically dry. In the peak of the summer, the daytime temperatures can reach as high as 30ºC which is more than hot for sunbathing. There is little or no rain during these months, apart from the occasional summer storms that only last for a few hours. During the winter, the temperatures are very enjoyable, with a combination of clear sky and sunny days, perfect for outdoors activity.

So when you are looking for a place to stay head to this magnificent Spanish Island to find a Mallorca villa where you can enjoy some Spanish bliss!

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