Mardi Gras

mardi-grasMardi Gras is the biggest party in the world, which takes place in New Orleans. Mardi Gras is celebrated each year at the beginning of the Lent season. Otherwise known as Fat Tuesday, this colorful event showcases parades through the street of New Orleans, Louisiana. This energetic celebration usually falls between February 3rd and March 9th.

If you are familiar with the south (in America), you must know of its southern heritage, tradition, legends and mainly their hospitality. You can have dinner and savor the taste of the New Orleans cuisine, while the chef tells you a story behind the dish and all of its ingredients. There are stories being told of the Mardi Gras colors which date back to the late 19th century, when the city of New Orleans was excited to welcome a Russian Royalty.

Although Mardi Gras is tied to the US the carnival is celebrated worldwide with countries like the reigning King of Carnival Brazil, Trinidad, Spain and Australia hosting annual celebrations. When Mardi Gras begins, your choice of clothing and costumes should reflect the traditional colors of this celebration, as it is New Orleans’ premiere party season. It’s a time to enjoy life, party, and have a good time with family and friends.

new mardi grasMardi Gras is irresistibly fun, energetic, ironic, and playful, and if you know of the history of New Orleans and how this city hum during the day and sing at night, you will be able to visualize its celebration of Mardi Gras. Maybe it is the most anticipated of the event of the year in New Orleans, and if you are a visitor the excitement of catching throws, the extravaganza of the parades, getting dressed up in costumes, or going to Balls, makes the big easy city an enchanted wonderland.

If you are not from New Orleans, do not wait until January to book your hotel reservation as most of the rooms will be fully booked. If you are driving to the event of the year, please note that the French Quarter of New Orleans is closed to vehicular traffic during Mardi Gras weekend. If you are staying at a distant hotel, you will need to secure proper transportation to the parade routes so check with your hotel to see if shuttle service is available to this event.

Celebrate in style at Mardi Gras with your colorful Mardi Gra beads and decorated masks. You should remember that if you are attending a Mardi Gras ball your dress code is different from regular Mardi Gras parties or parades. For these events, you should dress in the finest attire that you can find as these traditional balls are very elegant and upscale.

So let the good times roll and show your colors of purple, green and gold while you are having the time of your life at the greatest party ever.

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