World Championship New World Record – Usain Bolt Does it for a 3rd Time – 9.58s

asafa-powell-usain-bolt-100m-world-recordNew world record has been created in the men’s 100 meter race at the world championship 2009 in Berlin Germany. The world greatest sprinter of all time Usain Bolt has broken his own world record to drop it to whopping 9.58s. His fellow country man and friend Asafa Powell was third in the race. Tyson Gay of the USA was second.

Bolt removed 0.11 seconds from his previous record. The Jamaican sprinter said he wanted to be a legend and I believe it is more than fair to say that he is working hard at that goal as it looks like his only rival is himself and the clock.

Watch Bolt’s spectacular 100 meter 9.58 world record run in Berlin 2009

This 2009 world championship was also good for both Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell because Gay set a new American record of 9.71s and Powell looks like he is getting back on form. Great run from these three outstanding men.

2 thoughts on “World Championship New World Record – Usain Bolt Does it for a 3rd Time – 9.58s

  1. Jim Jones

    WOw, that is really cool dude!

  2. Sean Hathaway

    there’s little doubt now (as if there was any before) that Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world

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