Exploring Old Belize

Old-Belize Visit Old Belize as there is never a dull time in the place of fun and exciting activities that brings family and friends together. With all its fascinating mix of culture and intriguing history, Old Belize is the perfect place for you to have fun in Belize. Old Belize is situated just five miles off the Western Highway. Spanning across the Mayan cities to lush forest areas, the territory is a coastal community of ex-pirates descendants.

Old Belize offers an unforgettable experience that will surely provide an excellent path of enjoyment to you and your family. Skip the usual and plunge in the fun, and exciting attractions of Old Belize, as the beautiful attractions tell tales of captivating, colorful foundations of events, people and landscape. Or take a tour of the surroundings and enjoy exhibits showcasing a huge collection of tropical trees along pathways that leads to the pier. The amazing waterfall and limestone cave describe how the wonderful stalactite pattern grows about an inch every century.

Visit the famous Cucumber Beach and experience a piece of tropical bliss, as the rising Slippery Conch of about 45 feet from the center Cucumber Beach is a delightful attraction for adventurous vacationers. At Slippery Conch, you can excitingly slide down to a 90 foot drop of pure thrill. The stimulating Zip-Line Tour is a one of its kind in Belize, boasting high speeds and rising to more than 50 feet. The Zip Line will take you across 600 feet of beach and water property, at an exciting speed.

To unwind in the afternoon after an exciting day, you can explore the Gift Shop in the town that offers a large collection of Belizean crafted items for souvenirs. Pick a perfect memento as you tell stories to your friends of your trip. Later in the evening, visit the Jungle Pavilion to relax and enjoy the surroundings while enjoying the nightly performances and dinner.

So when you want to have a little fun, follow the off-beaten path of the Western highway and venture to some great food and remarkable experiences in Old Belize. As Old Belize will provide you with lots of extraordinary adventures of the past and present. Plus you will have the perfect ambiance of fun, history, culture and beautiful landscapes.

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