Planning to Retire in Belize?

planning to retireWith many Europeans and North Americans (Canadians and Americans) looking for viable options for retirement many have found Belize to be one of the best retirement options available. Famous as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret” in various travel circles, Belize is a true tropical paradise. And this exotic tropical paradise has opened the door to all which has made living in Belize, living as an expat an experience that many are looking into.

Belize is known as a wonderful travel destination around the world and this is mainly due to its sun-drenched beaches, unlimited recreational opportunities, the low cost of living, wonderful tropical climate and the fact that the country’s official language is English. Furthermore, Belize has a good health care system, many schools with high academic standards, wonderful neighbors and many convenient local shopping facilities throughout the country. What’s more if you are planning to retire in the country the low real estate costs and an overall cost of living in Belize offers retirees the chance to stretch their pensions and money for Social Security even further than if they were to continue living in Canada, United States and England. planning to retire in belize

If you want to spend more time in Belize you can accomplish this through extended stays. As this is the most common and easiest way to enjoy the country for a while. With this option, all you need is your one month entry card when you arrive, which is free and after that you just simply visit an immigration office to renew your tourist card each month. As with this country there is no long-term commitment all you need to do is just enjoy Belize day by day until you are ready to leave.

However, if you are planning to retire you can check out the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) Program. This program is geared towards attracting retired individuals to Belize and is operated by the Belize Tourism Board. In order to qualify for the Qualified Retired Persons Program, you need to be at least forty-five years old. And to top it off, the Qualified Retired Persons Program will automatically include your immediate family, including your children under 18, spouse and children over 18 as long as they are attending a university.

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