Presidents Day Weekend Celebrations

presidents-day-celebrationEach year the US celebrates Presidents Day. Otherwise known as Washington’s Birthday, this national holiday is celebrated on the third Monday of February. While it has evolved into a great weekend escapade, there’s a lot more to America’s Presidents Day than you might think.

Presidents Day is a good day to learn more about American history, their civic responsibility and the geography of the different states. Presidents Day was first chosen in honor of George Washington’s birthday who was the first president of the United States and was born on February 22, 1732. It then incorporated the country’s sixteenth president Abraham Lincoln, who was born on February 12 and who many Americans see as an exceptional leader and founding father.

The Presidents Day Holidays celebration is a three day event, where all government agencies and banks are closed. The shopping malls and stores used this opportunity to advertise their president day sales, as this is the first chance for Americans to shop for gifts and others souvenirs after the Christmas season.

lincolnDuring the Presidents Day Holidays, American normally bakes a cherry pie and re-enact the story of the past U.S. president George Washington, who confessed to cutting down his father’s cherry tree, by saying, “I cannot tell a lie.” Other folklore which is done on this day is the reading of the farewell speech of George Washington, upon his departure from office. Most American follow the tradition of writing a letter to the existing president expressing their views on the current affairs while others will read a book by candlelight like President Abraham Lincoln, while eating a piece of cherry pie.

During the Presidents Day Holidays celebrations most Americans remember the works of Abraham Lincoln, for his valuable contributions to the making of a great nation, and how he provided freedom for the slaves. Each year, on the Saturday night before President’s Day, a fabulous ball is held at Gadby’s Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia. This place is one of the few remaining18th century pubs, which are still use in the country. This ball symbolizes the history of George Washington with a fantastic dinner, and the presidents’ favorite 18th century dances. A reservation is required if you want to visit this event.

washingtonThe reenactment of the Revolutionary War is a must see for any visitor. This event features the restoration of the Gettysburg battlefield, with actors all dressed in uniforms of both the Redcoats and the Colonials. The Fort Ward Museum in Alexandria, Virginia, provides the perfect atmosphere for this historical and unforgettable event.

The Presidents’ Day Parade in the old town of Alexandria is filled with local and visitors alike, eager to see the float showcasing the beautiful colonial and revolutionary civil war era displays. Throughout the President’s day weekend, America will be restored to an 18th century revolutionary ambiance, where theatrical programs and interpretive characters tell inspiring stories of the nation’s founding fathers.

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