Punta Gorda Attractions

There are a number of Punta Gorda attractions that will dazzle you, keep you occupied and make you feel excited. Once in town, a walk through Punta Gorda is the finest way to enjoy the Caribbean ambiance. One intriguing stop for those fascinated in the culture is the Kriol Museum. The museum has exhibits and items illustrating different views of day-to-day life of the local Creole citizen, in addition to information on their history, traditions, and culture.

Punta Gorda is a popular place for a day or overnight trip of scuba diving, snorkeling, and sea-kayaking based on its location on the Bay of Honduras. A lot of tour operators normally take scheduled excursions off shore. For those who love nature, there are fantastic scenery and wildlife just about everywhere, like Blue Creek, Blue Creek Cave or the Sarstoon Temash Delta Wildlife Sanctuary.

There is a great deal of ethnic marvels and natural adventures inside of Punta Gorda and the really adventurous may wish to tour this region on a mountain bike. The Toledo Botanical Arboretum is a big farm and botanic garden that produce over fifty different kinds of tropical plants. The botanical garden is near to both the Kekchi Maya village and the Lubaantun ruins.

The Mopan Mayan village is the place to be during late summer, as this is where the Deer Dance occurs. The Deer Dance is a nine day traditional Mayan cultural celebration, which occurs in late August to September. Although this ceremony concurs with a holy day, the Feast of San Luis, its origins are conventional, Mayan and fun.

No Punta Gorda vacation would be completed without a visit to the outstanding and beautifully remodeled Mayan ruins in the north and west portions of the country.

Lubaantun is the biggest of the Mayan ruins close by, namely Lubaantun in Yucatec Maya, meaning “Place of the Fallen Stones”. It is unique because the structures were constructed from cut and fitted limestone instead of the regular rock and mortar building technique. This place has five plazas and three ball courts. The old city’s center, and the existing architecture and urban abstract hold a good feel of the once aura of this Mayan ceremonial center. Lubaantun is situated about twenty miles North West of Punta Gorda, and just about a mile away from the village of San Pedro Columbia.

Nim Li Punit, meaning “Big Hat”, boasts twenty-five stelae, which is the largest Maya carved stele in Belize. This stele portrays a local ruler wearing a big wide diadem thus the name big hat. Nim Li Punit is a comparatively small place, with four plazas and one ball court. An astronomical observation area is located in one of the plazas. The eight sculpted stelae, and especially, stele 14, make this place a desirable stop. Nim Li Punit is situated roughly two miles away from the Southern Highway, close to the Indian Creek village and twenty-five miles North of Punta Gorda.

Punta Gorda is also the place where you can find lush emerald greenery everywhere. You will also be able to find beautiful waterfalls flowing down the sides of mountains; splash in the stunning blue waters of the sea and see many endangered bird species.

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