Punta Gorda Belize

punta-gorda Punta Gorda is a modest, easygoing town, with many colorful, and fascinating people. This Belize island comprises of five main streets and only six districts; Stann Creek, Corozal, Belize, Toledo, Cayo, and Orange Walk. Punta Gorda is commonly called P.G and is situated on the far south of the country. It is also the capital of the detached and sparsely inhabited Toledo district. Punta Gorda is the biggest town south of the country, in addition to being the primary town of Toledo the town is inhabited by Lebanese, East Indian, Chinese, Garífuna, Maya and Creoles, who constitute more than half the population. Just as other regions of Belize, Punta Gorda was once a port which was used to transport mahogany from the jungle to the sea, to be transport to Great Britain, and many other British colonies.

English is the primary language that is spoken there, but there are a few local languages spoken among the residents. Although P.G. doesn’t have the beaches like Placencia, there are a lot of piers from which to you can swim out into the beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Honduras. As an exquisite town, a fine portion of Punta Gorda’s appeal is in its modest character. Punta Gorda is a harbor and fishing town. It was once a little fishing village prior to being inhabited by Honduras Garifuna emigrants in 1823.

Once in Punta Gorda you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds, because there’s a wide range of natural beauty and an exciting cultural diversity. The surroundings thrives on the modest climate. However, one of the region’s natural blessings is also a tourist’s nemesis; the rain. And there’s no running away from the city’s wet weather because Punta Gorda is snuggled in the wettest region of Belize.

Although transport joining the south of Belize has developed, the Punta Gorda region is still unspoiled. Punta Gorda is an incredible place to visit, if you wish to conform to the rhythm of the Belizean rural lifestyle.

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